Mistaken Identies

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After your detention with Professor Riddle you walked back to your common room and saw the party was still going on.

"Y/n!" Jack exclaimed when he saw you, he ran up and grabbed your arm "You've been gone for so long! What did he make you do?" He asked and your eyes went wide trying to think of a valid answer. "Actually I don't care. Guess what?" Jack said and you let out a sigh of relief.

"What?" You asked looking around the room for food.

"Aaron and s/n were kissing and left to go somewhere quiet. He forgot about you." Jack said and laughed, you smiled and grabbed some food to bring to your dorm.


It was the next day and you walked to your Defence Against The Dark Arts class with a smile on your face, you sat down in your seat. Your smile faded when the person who sat next to you wasn't Jack. It was Aaron. You turned to him, giving him a weird look.

"Jack had to go to the hospital wing, someone tried to turn him into a frog during transfiguration." Aaron said and you laughed.

"Who was it?" You asked turning towards him intrigued. Jack didn't have enemies per say but he did have a skill of annoying anyone and everyone.

"Joe." Aaron said and you laughed even louder, remembering what Jack had done to Joe last week.

You heard a familiar sound of footsteps and looked up making eye contact with Professor Riddle. You gave him a small smile but his face was set in a stern expression. Your eyebrows furrowed in confusion and your heart dropped - was it just about the sex for him?

"Aaron come to the front and demonstrate a patronus for us." He said, Aaron turned to look at you confused before he stood up. He hadn't even taught you that.

Throughout the lesson Professor Riddle was exceedingly rude and arrogant, he had never been like this before. Even Chloe didn't try and flirt with him. "Alright class, lesson finished." He said eventually, everyone packed their bags and left the room as quickly as they could. You were close on their tail when he said your name. "Y/n, can I talk to you for a second." He said.

You turned around slowly looking at him. He waited till the last person left the room before he spoke. "What did I tell you yesterday?" He said making his way towards you. You had nowhere to go your back was already against the wall.

"I don't remember." You said quietly.

"I said don't kiss Aaron." He said when he finally reached you. His body towered over yours, his index finger lifted your chin up to look at him.

"I didn't." You said confused. His jaw clenched.

"Don't think teachers don't hear gossip, because they do. I heard all about you and Aaron." He said, bringing his face closer to you.

"That wasn't me. I was with you." You said slowly, trying to understand what he was talking about.

"Who was it then?" He asked his hand moved to your throat, choking you.

"It was S/n James" You said, remembering what Jack had told you yesterday. "I was with you." You said looking at him in the eyes.

"Why was he sitting next to you then?" He asked, he sounded calmer than he did a few seconds ago.

"Because Jack was in the hospital wing." You said, his hand moved from around your throat. He pushed a piece of your hair out of your face, his thumb caressing your cheek.

"I'm sorry." He said slowly.

"Is that why you were so angry in class today?" You asked and he nodded his head, you smiled at what you could do to him.

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