Chapter 3 : Planning and Learning

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It was a small dingy office, not a place where you'd expect to find Tony Stark billionaire extraordinaire. But there he was sitting in an old waiting area chair, elbows on his knees, his head resting on his interlocked fingers.Steve was pacing back and forth, side to side. It seemed like he would burn right through the carpet under his feet by the window. He would stop every once in a while and lean against the window pane and stare out at the city. Short lived he would return to pacing. Impossibly long minutes passed and the two remained as they were, one sitting the other pacing.

"Stop that." Tony said to Steve without moving his glance from some undetermined spot on the floor.

"Stop what?" Steve asked.

"Stop moving, you're making me anxious."

"Sorry, I can't help it, I'm nervous."

"What you think I'm not?"

"I never said that…"

"Oh no…. you implied it. You still think I don't want this, don't you?"

"Tony you're taking this too far."

"Oh here we go again… I always take it too far." Tony stood as he said this and faced Steve that was standing by the window pane.

"I either never taking things serious enough or I take it too serious! Ya know what, I bet you're still mad about that coffee thing. I said it was my bad, what more do you want?"

Steve took a step forward from his pacing area "I wasn't even thinking about the coffee thing!" Both were now shouting at each other, another famous Tony/Steve argument.

"Look I know you're nervous like me Tony." Steve started. "That doesn't give you an excuse to lose it and bite my head off. I didn't do anything."

"Didn't do anything? This is-" Tony was cut off by the sound of clicking heels and an old door squeaking open. Both were silent and turned to face the approaching social worker. The social worker was dressed in a nice, light purple button up shirt with dark jeans; she looked to be about 30 years in age. Her shoulder length hair fell nicely on both her shoulders and bounced a little as she walked forward with a bundle of blue blankets in her arms.

"I'm assuming you're the couple here to adopt Peter Parker?" She said with a soft voice. With those words spoken any animosity that had developed between the two was now gone and forever forgotten.

"Yes we're here for Peter." Tony spoke as he walked toward the woman, followed by Steve.

"Terrific! Which one of you is going to be signing the paperwork?" She asked

"I will." Tony sighed out. "Steve why don't you take Peter while I do this?" The social worker handed the infant over to Steve and walked over to Tony to begin what would be a very tedious process. Once handed Peter, Steve stood mesmerized by the small bundle in his arms. The infant was sound asleep; he had a blue hat, and his hands were clenched into loose fists that were held beneath his chin and on his chest. Peter was extremely tiny in comparison to Steve who could easily hold the infant in one arm. Without moving, he stood there watching over the sleeping form. Minutes passed and there was no change. It was as if Steve forgot where he was, and who he was with. All he knew was that he had Peter and he never had to let him go.

"Steve…. Steve…." Tony called out to the new parent, failing to catch his attention. Tony walked over to his and shook his shoulder. This brought Steve out of his spell.

"Tony!" Steve said a little surprised, only then remembering where he was. "Is there anything that I have to do?"

"Yeah, could you walk over to Patty and sign where she tells you to. I'll take Peter." Steve handed Peter to Tony reluctantly and walked away from his new family. With Peter in his arms Tony began to walk about the room, never looking up from the infant. Tony had seen many small children and infants in his life, but Peter confused him. He didn't know what to feel or think about the baby. Tony felt a mixture of "oh my god, I'm a dad" and "oh shit, I'm a dad". Soon, he too was in the same daze that Steve had been in earlier. At some point Tony had walked over to the window that Steve had been pacing in front of no more than 10 minutes ago.

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