Chapter 2 : The Decision

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"Tony!" cried out Captain America. "Tony!" He took a step forward, but was stopped by Hawkeye's strong hold.

"Wait, it's not safe." Hawkeye warned.

"I don't care, we have someone down there!" yelled out the Captain in frustration.

"Captain keep it together. This is Tony we're talking about, he'll be fine." Black Widow counseled him. The super soldier fell to his knees in defeat. He brought up his hands and covered his face to shield himself from the sight. The dust settled and there was no movement, all was still for minutes. Then there was a small rustle in the debris where the building once stood. Another episode of silence. The sound of repulsors could be heard, and a metallic red glow shot out of the debris. For a moment the armor was suspended in midair, as if time stopped. It began to plummet fast.

"JARVIS, what's going on?" Iron Man yelled at his computer.

"Sir, we're going through a system reboot. It will be ready momentarily." answered the AI system.

"Make it quick, the ground is looking really close now." he remarked, panic apparent in his voice. The projections in the armor's HUD came back to life and the rocket boots roared again, flames spewing out. With no time to waste Iron Man used a repulsor in his free had to assist in breaking the fall. There was a loud thud, and dust filled the air again. The Avengers quickly rushed to the crater, joined now by Bruce Banner, which had been created by the impact. As they reached the edge of the indention all of them, even Black Widow, stood gaping at the site that was laid before them. The Iron Man armor stood up slowly, adjusting its weight as to not fall over. In his arms was a small bundle of what used to be a baby blue blanket, now a dirty brown. That bundle was holding an infant fast asleep, sniffling slightly due to the excess dust in the air.

Iron Man opened up his face mask, Tony once more and said "See I told you there was a baby in there. But noooo, no one believed me."

He stepped out of the crater and handed the infant to the approaching medical personnel. Tony took his helmet off and asked jokingly "What'd I miss, you guys look like you've been through hell?" Steve, having taken off his cowl and left his shield behind, stepped towards Tony. Tony opened his mouth to say something and was cut off by Steve's sudden embrace. Dumbfounded Tony stood there for a few seconds, then his brain registered what had happened and returned the gesture. The other Avengers walked off to give them their moment of privacy.

"Whoa there Spangles, down boy. I'm here, I'm fine. Like hell I'd let a burning building get the better of me." Tony remarked smugly.

Voice cracking, Steve said "I'd thought I'd lost you. I started panicking thinking what would happen if you never made it back. It was like when you redirected that nuke, I… I…"

Tony interrupted him, pulling back from the embrace and holding onto Steve's shoulders "Glad to see you have so much faith in me." Tony kissed him lightly on the lips "Look, I'm here and I'm fine. That's all that matters, the rest are just… details." A reassuring smile found itself on Tony's lips and Steve returned with a childish smile, eyes shining from tears almost spilt.

Bruce Banner had been brought on scene to inspect the child for any abnormalities, he was the first to approach the couple and told them "You guys might want to come and see this. That infant, it's a miracle that he's still alive." The two released each other and followed Dr. Banner to the makeshift medical tent that had been set up. Once inside, a full medical staff could be seen running around reading monitors, checking vitals, taking blood to run tests, administrating medicines and treatments. It truly was a miracle that the infant was alive; he was able to escape with minor cuts, bruises and burns here and there even though where he was found was completely burnt through. Unexpectantly though, there were spider bites along his arms and torso. The baby was wailing; the noises and commotion of doctors were too much for the infant.

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