Chapter 20

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He continued kissing my neck and my mouth. "Tell me you don't want me and I'll leave you alone. Tell me I don't make you feel Things you have never felt before. Tell me if this doesn't feel right to you." He huskily said to my mouth.

I couldn't respond to him my mind was puddy, I could't think correctly.

" When you find a man that treats you like I told you, don't let go. Fight for him and tie him to the bed if you havetoo."fleated through my mind.

I never listen to any advice my mom gives me on relationships because they are always crazy but what better time to start then now. So I did what she told me to, I pushed him on the bed and had my dirty way with him.

<3<3<3:):):):):):);) I have no idea what i'm doing.<3<3<3<#

Nikki pov

I like being back in my home. I missed it, it missed me, we missed each other. You know the feeling of being welcomed well I felt when I took a shower. It felt like even my water supply missed me.

After our dinner gone bad, Lucas decided to extend our vacation time by a week in-a-half. He said I practically raped him and stripped him of his innocence. Pfft innocence, he doesn't have innocence. It isn't considered rape if he enjoyed it. I know I did. 

We came back a few days ago and I haven't seen him since. I kind of feel relieved because I don't know how to act around him with other people because if it was only the two of us I'd just jump his bones, no need for words.

Today I was going back to my bakery and see if Haylee hasn't burned it to the ground yet. This is what I missed most in my trip the cooking / baking. Lucas didn't let me anywhere near the kitchen. He always cooked for me or had one of the chefs leave us something in the oven for when we decided to get up.

Arriving at the bakery I saw a line of people formed outside the doors. No please tell me she didn't slap some one again.

I pushed towards the front of my bakery and went in.

"Hey no cutting missy, get on the back of the line." A forty something year old women said.

"Sorry mam but I just got back from vacation to find my place crowded as ever. Can you want to tell me what's going on?"

"Well we found out that the owner of Landon Corp got this catering service and now we want to see why he chose this bakery."

"Thank you mam. I'll tell the cashier to give you some of our daily special for free." She smiled at me and held the door open for me.

I headed to the cashier and told Joshua to give the lady our special for free when she arrived at the front.

I went to my office to leave my things and get changed into something more comfortable.

"I came to talk to you but didn't expect a strip tease please continue. " Lucas said from behind me.

"How did you get here?"

"I've been here since morning waiting for you but you took your time getting here."

"Hey I didn't take long I called less than an hour ago, Lucas."

He shook his head and came closer.

"What are you doing?"

"I'm going to give my girlfriend a kiss because I haven't seen you in a while."

He didn't leave me any time to respond before his lips were upon mine. He pushed against the wall and grabbed my bum hoisting me upwards.

"I came to see why you were taking so long but I think I got my answer." Haylee said from the door.

"Er... its not what it looks like?"

"Oh! Its not like you were about to hump away before I came and interruppted me time."


"No you are right Ms._____......."


"Well Ms. Rivera if you hadn't come in now but later you'd seen something you would like to forget. "

"At least you are honest not like some people here." She said looking directly at me."

"Hey don't give that look Haylee.''

"Sorry Mr. Billionaire but we need her desperately in the kitchen so if you can call and make an appointment it'd be greatly appreciated, thanks."

"I will see you this afternoon Nikki." he said and walked out of the office.

Haylee pulled me towards the kitchen and put me to work. I knew what was coming. She didn't question me now because we had a lot of work to do but just wait and see when the crowd number goes down she'll stalk me like prey until I'm cornered like a little mouse.

It had been hours since the Lucas fiasco in the morning. The buzz in the bakery had gone down and now there were just a few people wondering inside. I was looking over my shoulder to make myself sure Haylee wasn't following me. If she finds me alone she'll corner me and interrogate me until I tell her all the juicy details.

I was looking behind me so much I didn't see her in front of me and I ran into her.

She had an evil smile on her face and a mischievious glint in her eye.

"Now now Nikki tell me, was he good in bed?"


Hello peeps how are you I'm well too. I'm keeping the updates short because I want to have about 5 to seven chapters done and the update one every day for a week. Who knows it might work.

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