Chapter 1

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I saw the boys yesterday! The picture above is my own and omg, I still can't believe it! I was in shock! And the AIMH tweet and Larry interacting on stage *_* I'm so fucking dead right now.



It was a normal Monday morning and I was waiting for the school bus to arrive. It was rather chilly outside being late November and all, but I was quite used to the cold by now. It had been raining for seven days straight, so this was nothing new to me. Though, I was starting to freeze a little, standing there in the rain and waiting for a bus that just wouldn't show up. It should've been here ten minutes ago, yet it was still nowhere to be seen.

I wasn't the only student waiting for the bus though, about ten others were standing here as well, rubbing their hands up and down their arms to keep their body heat. Some of them were even whining, which I was getting quite annoyed of because let's face it; the bus wouldn't show up any faster even if they whined for it to come. It was only irritating and disturbing.

After about five more minutes, the school bus finally appeared around the corner and stopped in front of me and the other students. I wasted no time to hop on and start searching for an empty seat I could sit in. Unfortunately though, all the front seats were taken, so I had to walk towards the back where all the jocks were.

I hated them, all of them. They were so far up their asses that they barely knew what one plus one was. Additionally, they thought they owned the entire school just because the majority of the students looked up to them, which was really pathetic, if you asked me.

"Hey, nerd! What the hell are you doing back here? Go sit in the front with the other losers," a voice I recognized as Niall's, one of the most popular jocks, mocked, making my fists clench.

If there was something I hated, it was stupid remarks like that. Especially when they came from people who thought they were cool by saying them. "Go fuck yourself," I muttered under my breath, continuing my search for an empty seat. I didn't miss Niall's shocked face that turned angry only seconds later. However, I wasn't scared of him nor the other jocks. Sadly though, I was one of few students who dared to stand up to them.

The thing was, they never did anything in return even when I made a comeback or whatever. They were too chicken for that. The only person who ever did something was someone I'd rather not speak of, someone I hated with all my heart because he had made and was still making my life a living hell. Louis Tomlinson, the captain of the football team, the most popular guy at school and also the one person everyone worshipped, except for me. I was the only one not agreeing with everybody else about how hot, amazing and absolutely fantastic he was and, to be honest, I was proud of it. I liked being rare and not one of many.

As expected, Niall didn't say anything nor did anyone else, so I soon found an empty seat with no problem at all. It even turned out I didn't have to sit beside anyone, which was definitely a good thing. I loved being by myself, if not with my best friend Liam Payne, that is.

Liam and I had been friends for a few years now, ever since things had started getting really bad with Louis. I was glad I had made a new friend I could lean on at the time, otherwise I wouldn't have known what to do with myself, having no friends whatsoever. From there on, we had practically been inseparable, almost doing everything together. The only thing we didn't share was that Liam would rather obey the popular students than go against them, which I didn't mind too much though since I knew there weren't many people who actually would.

About five minutes later, the bus finally came to a halt and I could get out of it along with the other students. Unfortunately, Liam didn't ride the same bus as me, so I was always alone every morning until I arrived at my locker where he would always wait for me. It wasn't like I minded being alone though, it was just nice to have your best friend by your side.

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