Chapter 1 - New Beginning

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A.N. So, this is a Cale regressor series, where there is no relation to Kim Rok Soo or the other world. Cale is someone who fought back with fate and he desire is to protect his loved ones and kill White Star and the Sealed Gods. 

he will do what he needs to protect them. even if he has to wield the sword and kill those who defy him. 


'I do not appreciate waking up to pain.' the trash of the county mentally grumbled, as he woke from his slumber to see that he had returned to the point of his beat up, laying on the bed in his former home, bundled in bandages. He was able to push himself up a little, enduring the pain, and noticing that there were lesser wounds than he had, in his past life. Then at the corner of his eyes, he spotted a familiar object, he thought he left behind. Picking up a sliver amulet, with a deep blue gem in the middle. It was radiating a cool aura, as Cale picked it up. And immediately felt the power of an Ancient Power flow into him.

'So, you have woke up. Cale.' a familiar voice echoed in his head.

"You are Abyss... the ancient power Aster left for me." he remembered. 'Yes. It's nice to finally meet you... do you know how much that crazy kid boosted about you?! it was crazy ridiculous! But he was ridiculously capable. Now it's your turn. Can you do it?' the Abyss voice of the Ancient power asked.

"I will do it. I will get my revenge." Cale growled to himself. "But how?" then the ancient power went on to explain how to use him and the backlash. "So, you are the reason why Aster's skin is always cold."

'Well, I am an ancient power and he uses me without a care on his own body. But he survived that long because of his artifact... in fact, you should be able to do the same. The research he studied on runes, are James Thames's research. Your mother is Jour Thames, there might be some of his studies in the library.' the power recalled and Cale immediately grabbed for the highest grade potion and downed it. Before standing up and speed walking to the library, before anyone spotted him. Not knowing that a certain butler came to check on him, only to find an empty bed and an empty highest grade potion bottle.

When Cale reached the place, he instinctively went to the far end of the library to find the notes he needed and there were indeed some there. And as expected, because of a certain fool he knew, it was easy to understand it. "What do you suggest, Abyss? A small amulet like your or something else?"

'Aster tried it on a small object and it wasn't effective enough for him. Since your body is weaker than his, use a damn jacket. Pick one nice one and not the same kind Aster uses. I swears he never washes it!' Abyss yelled into the red head's head. Cale mentally asked as he too asked the same question to his friend, but never got a proper answer. 'go and take a hot bath, your body temperature is dropping because of my bond with you.' Abyss said, but the other just ignored and grabbed all the rune related text, before heading to a table. Not noticing the change of his own body as the whole room started reacting to his freezing body and lowered the temperature entirely. 'CALE! YOUR LACK OF CONTROL IS FREEZING THE WHOLE PLACE. GO TAKE A HOT BATH!' Abyss cries finally snapped the young master out, as he noticed a white breathe.

"Shit." Cale cursed and grabbed all the notes, before he zipped out of the library and headed to his room. Yelling at a servant to get a hot bath going. Before he dropped the notes and Abyss started teaching him a breathing exercise to control the coolness spreading out. Then he remembered that Aster does the same thing too.

When the servant announced that the bath was ready. Then he stripped his clothes and took a dip in the hot water, which quickly warmed his body up. "How did Aster stand this?"

'he created the artifact before he got me. So, he never needed to deal with the heat or cold. But you don't have it in advance... it is better that the god sent you back. You probably won't survive even if you used me in the future.'

The warmth didn't last as it turned lukewarm very quickly. But Cale dried himself and bundle himself in more clothes aside from his regular sleepwear. As he continued reading through the articles of research his uncle done. But in the middle he was interrupted by the door opening with Ron, the head butler walking in. "What do you want?" he questioned with his trashy voice. "if you are going to leave, just leave." as he remembered the day, he and Beacrox left the territory without even telling the person who employed them. "And tell the count before you leave." he sternly said not caring about the brief shock in the other's eyes.

'How did the puppy know that we met with the punk? How did he know that we might leave?'

"Are you going to stand there or are you going to get out of my room?!" 'Cale is taunting him really a good idea? You can barely use my powers yet. Create the artifact then I will teach you how to use it.' Abyss told the annoyed master, who just turned back to the notes and ignored the butler standing there.

"Count Deruth have invited you to have dinner with the family. "

"Not today. Since you aren't going to leave. Get me somethings from this list." he told the butler and handed a list of things he needed for the engraving.

After Cale had picked the object to be engraving being a deep red coat, which covers his whole body and had a hood, which he picked while walking around on a very warm day. He bought it out of the wimp and took it home to the tools needed. With Abyss memories on how his former wielder mended his own artifact, it guided the young master to properly engrave the cloak. "I can see why that punk always seem to wear a cloak."

'It's probably to keep sun and dirt of him, Cale.' Abyss answered him.

"How amusing. But before that. Let's grab the shield before you teach me how to use it." he told the ancient power who just sighed. He asked his father for more money, before buying all the bread in the city and dumping them into the black hole of the man-eater tree. 

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