Welcome To The Nether Realm

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After all of the commotion with my father I get up and walk around. (Since I basically own the place.) I make my way to the courtish kind of room. I see my father with another poor soul. He's trying to convince the man that if he joined the Hunters that he wouldn't have to perish. He declined, and them my father spit out a chant that turned him into dust.

After seeing that, I think what if I had said no, would my father have done that to me. I mean, he did bring me here for a purpose. I basically didn't have a choice anyway. What could I do in order to not have to ba an orb for the rest of my life.

I wander for a bit until I stumble upon the library. I look arond until I frin what I am looking for.The History of The Nether Realm. I flip through until I find something interesting. It speaks of this guy, William Fredrikson. He apparently mastered the way of not being an orb. He could turn into one but only for short periods of time. Eventually, I would look into this sooner but for now I needed some food.

It just occurred to me that I haven't eaten once since I've been here. I wander around again until I find the dining hall. I sit down and a plate full of my favorite food appears infront of me. Corn Chowder! Yum! I indulge in the steaming, liquidy deliciousness because it tasted just like my mom's recipe. Just as I take the last bite, the bowl disappeared.

Just then, I was transported back to the library, where my dad was glued to a computer screen./H motioned for me to come over as if to show me something. I look at the screen and I scream. I turn my head away from the screen just as a flood of tears escapes my eyes.

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