Chapter Three

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Harper was exhausted by half five. She had been sent on mad man's mission. Grabbing coffee throughout the day, answering calls on the front desk, and going through the various assignments that the old personal assistant had left for their successor. This was just ridiculous. The entire day had felt unreal. It had left her confused at the sudden stir of her job switch. Barely in the first four hours of her first day of work and it had been flipped upside down, literally!

She was knackered when she stumbled into her 2 bedroomed flat. Sweat was cascading down her forehead and she felt sticky under the layers of her blouse and grey anorak on top. It didn't help she was wet as a rat from the downpour of rain that had followed her back as she ventured home.

Daniella, her flatmate and three year best friend, was sat on the couch, legs crossed and stuffing her mouth with Chinese take way. Her red pixie bob was thrown up in the tiniest bun with several strands of hair messily poking out all over.

"Hey," she said, chewing straight after on some chicken she plopped in her mouth.

"Hey," Harper sighed, groaning as she flopped onto the couch beside her and began to kick off her flats. Again, she was knackered. Her feet felt like they been scorched. Her head hurt like a hammer had been bashed across it consistently and there was little hope for her back that was aching like no tomorrow.

"How was your first day?" Daniella asked, grabbing the remote control as she turned down the television. It appeared she'd been catching up on some action series on Netflix.

"Eurgh. Honestly, it was so fucked up," Harper replied truthfully. "So, the first four hours were great. I was in my element and then my boss asks me to run an errand—" she paused.

"—Okay and then," Daniella interjected.

"And then, I'm meeting face to face with the CEO of the company and he's telling me that I no longer work in the department. I'm now suddenly his personal assistant!" Harper complained, rolling her eyes as she sunk back into the brown couch.

"Woah. What the fuck? He just does that? How? That makes no sense," Daniella scoffed.

"You're telling me. And the fucked up thing is I just let him. I've got no lady balls unlike you," Harper stated, sighing loudly.

"I mean, yeah. If that was me, I would have told him to stick his job where the sun don't shine!" Daniella agreed, "I mean, I suppose it's still a job though at the end of the day. But...still, that's just so messed up."

"And can I be honest?"


Harper bit down on her bottom lip briefly as she argued whether to admit the confession burning inside within her.

"What is it?" Daniella persisted, lightly nudging her.

"Okay, he's...really attractive. And I mean it. But that's besides the point," Harper said, conflicted whether she should have admitted that considering in the entirety of the day, it was that brooding, attractive specimen that had messed up her career and put a spin on her day.

"Like hot? Like really, really hot?" Daniella teased.


"Well, you never know," Daniella sang, smirking a little to herself as she got up to discard her food.

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