Simple Romance Tropes

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There are basic romance tropes that surround high school love stories and there are so many. People usually outgrow expecting those fantasies to actually happen after college and one that seems to fly out the window the fastest is the nerd and the jock but in this case, apparently not.

The grand opening of the fourth Jurrasic Park, named Jurrasic World instead was three years ago. They've actually been incident-free for three years. Rhett was taken on three years ago as a "zookeeper". That was the job description. Little did he fucking know that he had bigger fish to fry than a lion. Bigger fish with significantly more teeth. But hey, it got him out of his boring life. He works directly with the raptors, a dimorphodon and the Rex. Yes, the Rex. He was there when she was born and Rhett's the only one she hasn't tried to turn into lunch. All four of the raptors seem to love him. Sure they listen to Owen and he's their "alpha" or whatever but they always rush over to see him. The dimorphodon was sick while it was a few weeks old and Rhett took care of her and now she rides on his shoulder. Rhett was up every hour with her, feeding her and he often slept holding her wrapped in a blanket.

Rhett was always really into dinosaurs and this is his dream job.

Grant has been at the park as long as Rhett has and Rhett caught his eye the second that they met and once they got onto the island, they were herded away from each other and they only brush paths in the raptor enclosure. Grant's on the asset containment team. He's been a hunter all his life and he loves it. Loves the thrill of the hunt and has a pretty good shot. He also loves how well Rhett does with all the dinos. Rhett's gentle and sweet. Speaking of.

Rhett went into the raptor enclosure so Grant took a detour on his way to get lunch and followed him in. Grant tried to reach out and grab Rhett as the four girls ran at him. Rhett giggled as they ran around him and rubbed on him and acted like happy dogs.
"Oh, come on, we were doing something," Owen called after them and Blue chattered back at him.
"Sassy girl," Rhett laughed and Blue purred as Rhett rubbed her head, "what were you working on?" Rhett asked.
"We were working on a hunting strategy but unfortunately someone had an attitude," Owen said putting his hands on his hips and Blue hid her face behind Rhett.
"Oh really?" Rhett asked and turned to the raptor, "would you happen to know who had an attitude today?" He asked her and she huffed in his face and trotted off. The four men laughed. Barry was also in the enclosure with Owen.
"Well I'm glad to see that they're doing well," Grant smiled and Rhett turned around with a big smile.
"Hey! When did you get here?" He asked, feeling kind of dumb for not realizing that Grant joined him.
"Not long ago," Grant replied and Rhett's iPad buzzed in his hands and he turned around on his heel.
"Oh right, I came in here to tell you, Owen, that Grace would like to see you in the lobby around three today. If you don't want to, one I don't blame you, two I can tell her that you're busy," Rhett said and Grant chuckled a little and Rhett turned around a little.
"I'm not wrong," He defended himself with a little smile and Barry laughed too.
"It's okay. I'll see what she wants. Thank you," Owen said and Rhett turned back around to face Grant.
"Want to get lunch?" Rhett asked.
"Sur-of course, yeah!" Grant said happily and Rhett said his goodbyes to Barry, Owen and the girls before they walked out.

"It's not very often that we bump paths. How've you been recently?" Grant asked.
"Unfortunately we don't. I've been busy. The raptors are taking more food now, the folks in the lab want to breed the raptors and they've got some secret asset that they made that no one knows what it's made out of but I have my suspicions about it," Rhett said on one breath and then took a deep breath in, "how have you been?" He asked.
"Not as busy as you apparently," Grant laughed, "well, you know the basics, making sure the visitors are safe, making sure that the staff is safe and the defences work."
"How do you test if the fences work? Throw popcorn kernels at it and see if they pop?" Rhett commented and they both laughed.
"That's smart but no," Grant laughed, "there's a stick that we use that's kind of like a big voltmeter and we measure the voltage across all the wires," Grant replied as they walked.
"Is it safe?" Rhett asked, looking at Grant, "like, you won't get electrocuted doing that?"
"It's safe. We use two concrete poles wrapped and broken up by rubber with two metal prongs on one end so we are completely safe. From electricity anyway. The lizards that are about as big as the size of coffee cup I need in the morning are a little threatening though," Grant laughed and Rhett did too before looking ahead of him again and hugging his iPad to his body.
"Well, that's good. And for the most part, as long as you don't act like prey, they'll leave you alone," Rhett said and Grant light-heartedly scoffed.
"Oh yeah because not acting like prey is easy when you're being stared down by something eighteen thousand times your size," Grant laughed.
"Come on, they're only about three times bigger and they're just long," Rhett replied.
"Really? That's supposed to be helpful?" Grant laughed, "For Tara, I'm a two-bite brownie and your a chocolate chip," Grant defended with a laugh and Rhett laughed too.
"Strange analogy but I suppose you're right. It's a little daunting," Rhett agreed.
"And what makes it worse is that I know that there's nothing but a few wire cables holding her back from turning me into a midday snack," Grant laughed and the two carried on with conversations while they made their way to the resort in one of the park's vehicles and got lunch.

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