Part 24: Preparations And Suspicions

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Author's Note:

Sorry for not updating frequently! Had a bit of a dumbass crisis, but now I'm back to writing.

Preston's POV

October 31st, Tuesday - 6:30 PM

The reason I like October 31st is because school is cancelled, and the Halloween party is the time to vibe. Our friend group was more excited about this party than any other event that is coming soon, such as the school festival.

I decided on dressing up as the Joker, and I literally dyed my hair dark green. From what Leah told me, she is going as Harley Quinn. I hope no one mentions the relationship between the two characters, would be awkward looking at the pictures we took before entering this peasant party.

The state of the party is decent as of now, and Zach is also present.

"I hate this place from the bottom of my soul." Zach says, facepaling while watching Annabeth and Clara run around chasing after Bennett. "Why can't we all just go into quarantine because of this shit?"

"Probably because it's not that bad." Seraphine says, crossing her legs.

"Okay, but just why?" I ask her, setting down my glass.

"Just why what?"

"Your costume, for God's sake..." Zach mumbles, rolling his eyes.

"Saints come in many forms, dear friend." Seraphine says with a wink. "I'm simply impersonating a nun, whose clothes I stole by the way."

I immediately turn to her and look at her with that look. The bitch did you really look. She laughs, waving me off.

"I didn't really do it, this was the only costume I found to be cheap, rich people also have standards when it comes to buying stuff."

"I figured as much, but you could've just asked Leah and I for something." Zach says, looking around in confusion at the antics around us. I mean, this school party will crash and burn down to the ground by the end of it.

How do I know? My friend Savannah and I almost burned down our elementary school at my hometown. It was a great Halloween party, but anyone there for sure knew it was real bullshit.

"Don't burn this place down to the ground yet, I just transferred here." Melanni says, pulling out her chair and sitting down. "Let me at least start ONE bitch war before we burn this motherfucker to the ground."

"Only motherfucker that will burn to the fucking ground is the spirit realm." Zach sneers. "I couldn't give less of a shit about your involvement, despite my undying love for y'all as my friends."

"I don't feel any need to meddle into your business Zach." Seraphine says, placing her hand on his shoulder. "But if you need my help, I'm one iMessenger notification away."

Zach scoffs and laughs. "One iMessenger notification, 1 hour of make up, 20 minute bus ride, 7 minute walk and 3 days of the spirit realm's days for you to-"

"Okay, that's a good burn- holy shit!" I yell over the loud music. "Why don't we all just burn this motherfucker to the ground as well!?"

"Well you're the one with switching powers, don't sit on your goddamn ass!" Melanni jokingly yells back.

For most of the evening, my decision was to spend more time with people I've come into contact recently, like Yvonne and Melanni.

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