Sick | Cady Heron

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Clinging the blankets around your shivering body, you felt the bed was larger than normal. You tossed over weakly and felt the side Cady usually slept on was empty. You pouted softly and fluttered your eyes open wider to see if she was still in your shared bedroom but she was gone. 

You felt your stomach churn as you tried to get up, your muscles weakened as sickness overcame you.

"How y' doing, baby?" That deep raspy voice flooded your ears as Cady's cheeky smile warmed your shivering skin. 

She had a mug in her hand, your favorite tea perhaps. You smiled weakly, your ill body buried beneath the covers as she walked closer to you. She placed the mug on the bedside table and climbed into the bed with you. She got under the covers and wrapped her arms around your waist. Your entire body shivered against hers as she bundled the both of you up.

"S-so cold. . ." You shivered and gripped her sweater, wanting to get as warm as possible. Your eyes fluttered closed as Cady wrapped her strong arms around you.

Cady took her fingers and brought them up to your forehead, resting them there for a little while. 

"Burning up, Y/N. . . rest okay?" She whispered into your ear, letting her warm hands pull you closer against her chest.

With Cady holding you tightly, you let out a sigh of relief and buried your face into her neck. Your body felt increasingly weak, but your shivers were slowly dying down.

"Wanna try and sip some of the tea I made you?" Cady brought her chin down and whispered into your ear.

You nodded against her chest as she chuckled softly and sat up. This act makes you sit up as well. She reached over and grabbed the yellow mug, the steam from the heated drink rose and dissolved into the air.

"Peppermint. . . your favorite," Cady smiled as she handed you the mug. 

You smiled weakly and felt Cady brushing the messy strands of hair out of your face. Shakily, you sipped the warm minty tea. Cady's fingertips supported the mug so that you wouldn't spill.

The minty warm drink burned down your throat in a soothing manner. You sighed contently and handed the mug back to her so she could carefully place it back on the bedside table.

"So yummy. . ." You whispered, your eyes weakly blinking. 

Cady smiled when she noticed your pupils dilating. She caressed your face, moving the messy strands of hair behind your ears. 

"Makes me feel tingly, Cady. . ." You whispered with excitement, weakly leaning into her touch.

Cady chuckled and kissed your cheek softly. "I'm glad, baby," she whispered, letting her lips linger by your cheek for some time. 

She pulled back and took your body, making you lay on top of her.

Cady had been very busy with filming her upcoming films, but she always made sure to make time to take care of you. You were her top priority, over any job she had.

She pressed a small kiss to your forehead as she stroked your hair. You smiled weakly against her affection, your tiny hands gripping her sweater. She felt so warm and in her arms you felt safe. 

Nobody had ever done that for you before.

"I love you, baby," Cady brought her chin down to whisper into your ear as you laid against her.

"I love you, Cady," you spoke softly to her, your eyes fluttering closed as sleep swept over you.

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