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Chapter 4 Matt's P.O.V

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I was miserable. I wanted to shut myself away in a room. Valary had been calling and texting me all night.

"Great show Matt"

"You were amazing baby"

"We need to talk sweetie"

For her, it was too late. She knew what she had done and Bri was right. I didn't deserve what she did.

"The meet-and-greet girls are waiting outside. I told Stanley five minutes. You need to get your act together and cheer up. Do you want them to hate us?"

I sighed and shook my head at Zacky. He was right.

"Let them in."

I was aware of the door opening, but not much else. I couldn't get the image of the girl in the crowd out of my mind. The fact that I didn't know who she was and never would know killed me. We connected instantly. She was beautiful. I wanted to know more, everything about her.

I could hear giggling as the girls entered. The first girl was pretty. She had black hair - presumably dyed. Big, dark brown eyes and she was all over Brian. I couldn't even keep my head up to see the next girl.

"Hey, you moody ass-hole. Aren't you gonna say hello to the fans?"

Zacky had walked over to where I was slumped in the corner. I didn't even want to look up at him.

He kicked me. I looked up. I started to shout at him until I saw who was standing in front of me. It was the girl from the audience. Now that I could see her in the full light, she was even more beautiful than I had first thought. I smiled at her.

She giggled and sat down next to me, angling her legs towards my body.

Zacky walked over to join the rest of the guys.

I introduced myself, to which she giggled and replied, "Yeah, I know who you are - you don't need an introduction."

The fact that she talked back made me like her even more. She had assertion.

"Well, I need an introduction from you."  I said, edging my body closer to hers - but only slightly so that she wouldn't notice.

"I'm Charlotte." She chuckled. She was so cute when she did that.

There was a silent moment wherein I tried to gaze into her eyes, but she didn't make contact.

"Thanks for saving me from the crowd tonight. I thought I was going to break some ribs or something."

"You're welcome." I smiled. I started to realise that, perhaps, she felt the same way about me.

"Hey Matt?" Johnny interrupted.

"Yeah?" I responded. I was annoyed that he had interrupted our moment.

"You gonna bring her over? We want to talk to her too you know."

"Yeah, sure, in a minute. She's feeling a little lightheaded and needs to sit down." A little kernel of jealousy made its way to the forefront of my mind. I wanted to get to know her as much as possible. I wanted her all to myself.

"Anyway," I continued. "I saw you were in pain, heard you scream too. I saw that you needed help and the crowd wouldn't listen to you or the security guards."

She blushed, looked into my eyes and whispered, "yeah."

From the way she was looking at me, I could tell that she was at a loss for words with nothing to say.

Did I really do that to her? I thought to myself. The very thought made me smile.

I became concerned about her. "Are you okay? You seem...distracted."

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