S2 Chapter 24: Final Stage! Adeonas True Awakening!!

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*a day had passed, therefore 3 days left until Athenas scheduled match with Lane. In the meantime, Athena had arranged to battle with Gwyn for today since she had faced him in Wakiyas VR Simulator and now she wanted to face off with the REAL Gwyn. Athena walked into the GT Arena and walked into the training area where Gwyn and also Drum and Delta were waiting there as well*

Athena: Drum? What are you doing here?

Drum: I heard you wanted some serious training against Lucifer so i gathered Gywn and Delta for just that!

Delta: He suggested a tag battle with me on your team and Gwyn on his but i'm not sure how that would be very helpful to you.

*Athena simply sighed and looked at the 3*

Athena: We can have a tag battle another time, i came here to challenge Gwyn because he's the only other person i can face that can replicate Lucifers abilities.

Gwyn: Is that so now? You really think i can act like Lucifer?

Athena: Lucifer and Genesis are both defense types with incredible attack power, i need someone like you to help me find a way to beat it.

Gwyn: I see, so you need my knowledge in order to beat Lane?

Athena: Yes, you're the only one who can perfectly replicate Lucifers power.

Gwyn: Except his Flare..

Athena: Except that, yes.

*Gwyn sighed and smiled as he held up his Utopia Genesis*

Gwyn: Alright then, i'll help you train.

*Athena smiled as she held up her bey too as her eyes began to glow with a white energy, Gwyn looks at her with a serious look as he began analyzing his strategy*

Gwyn: Adeona is a Dual Rotating attack type and it looks to have awakened to its final stage, its driver has an upgrade that helps increase its mobility and stamina..

Athena: Utopia Genesis has a 1D Chassis which is a pretty basic chassis and it isn't anything special, Satan and Wyvern are the only beys that i've faced that use that chassis. Its Hybrid driver has an electric motor that helps it gain a vast amount of speed.. should be interesting on how this plays out.

*Delta stood up to the stadium and began the first battle*

Delta: Alright, First Battle!

*Both bladers take their positions and the battle started now*

Delta: Ready Set!!

3 2 1 GO SHOOT!!!

*Both beys land in the stadium and Genesis took the center immediately from Gwyns strong shoot! Adeona comes charging in for the blow*

Athena: Adeona! Attack!!

Gwyn: Bring it on! I'll erase Adeona from existence!

*Both Adeona and Genesis clash and sparks and lightning fly into the air from the intense fight! Both beys get knocked back and Genesis retook the center*

Gwyn: Is that all you got?

*Athena was starting to get a bit frustrated as her hair began to sparkle with white sparkles*

Athena: I won't lose here, not again!

*Adeona comes back in for the attack and began to fire a fierce barrage of attacks on Genesis as it started knocking it around*

Gwyn: Genesis!

*Genesis' Hybrid driver began to activate and it manages to escape and speed up*

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