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I got up this morning before April, I unblocked his number, April think she slick. I texted him

"Meet me @ the abandon house, couple blocks over"

He replied, "iight"

I put some clothes on and grabbed my house keys and phone and walked out the room, Momma was cooking

"Hey momma"

"Hey baby, where you off too?"

"Going to the abandon house doing some thinking, until time for school."

"Okay well, give me a hug and a kids because I'm about to go to work won't be home til late"

I nodded and hugged her, kissing her cheek than leaving.


I approached the abandoned building and sat on the steps. He came walking from around the corner, I got up and he came over and pecked my lips, He picked me up

"Why you ain't call me back last night?" He asked putting me back down

"I fell asleep, sorry." I lied

"It's cool, you going to school today?" He asked

"Yep, You gone walk with me?"

"Yeah" he said wrapping his arms around my neck pecking my lips

We walked down the streets on our way to school,

[Boys whistling]

"YOOO Autumn. When you gone be a saint and let me hit it?"

"Maybe when your ass get a job. 😒" I said to the group of boys

"You just a bitch, just like your sister."

I let go of Artavious and ran over to them and Artavious pulled me back

"Babe, don't."

"You better tell that hoe who she fuckin with Art" some boy said holding out a gun

"Look, you don't know who you fuvking with. You disrespected my girl, I wasn't gone say shit but than you disrespected her sister, next time I ain't gone get her off you." Artavious said

"Man, punk you better think twice."

"Let's go, Autumn. I need to get you to school" he said

I was so mad man only person can call my sister a bitch, is me.

Artavious grabbed my hand and dragged me away from the boys cause I wasn't gone leave without a fight

"Why you ain't let me punch that nigga in his face?"

"Because, I know what they capable of and I'm not trying to get you killed, I couldn't live with myself." he said

I sighed

"Baby, look at me." he said stopping pulling me in front of him


"Don't be mad at me, I was trying to keep you out of harms way"

"What happened to your face?" I asked him

"Got into a fight last night, that's beside the point. You just need to get onto school, let me handle them."

"Did they do that to you?"

"Autumn, stop changing the subject"

"No, I wanna know" i yelled

"Damn, Autumn. Go inside the school."

"No. Tell me"

"Now" He warned


"I got business to take care of, I'll talk to you when school out. I'll be here to walk you home"

"Fine" I said

He kissed me and watched me walk up the steps before walking off. I got a call from April, I didn't answer. And I walked over to TJ

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