(22) Secrets, Lies and Love

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The title of the article was: 'Who is Jason's Girl?' The subtitle read: 'Reward to whoever can provide us information on Jason's girlfriend.' 

"Oh God. Please help me," I quietly said. 

"You aren't going to get any help," Amber said from behind me. "I found this article last night and took the liberty of calling the magazine to give them what they want. The reporters are waiting for you outside. Are you going to make a statement?" 

"Yeah. You are a bitch," I said to her. "Why do you take pleasure in making other people feel like crap?" 

"Not other people, just perfect little you," she sneered. 

"I don't know what you have heard before, but jealousy is not a virtue." 

"I am not jealous of you." 

"Just keep telling yourself that." 

She stomped away. If I kept up the façade that she didn't get to me, she would continue to believe that anything she would do would not affect me in any way. 

I ripped all of the papers down and threw them into the nearest garbage can. I grabbed my cell phone from my locker and turned it on. Once it loaded, I saw that there were ten missed calls from Chris and a couple from Jennifer. I had to give him props, at least he called and didn't send any text messages. 

I heard a noise down the hall that caught my attention. I turned my head and saw a bunch of paparazzi coming towards me. I froze like a deer caught in the headlights. Their overwhelming presence had me cowering against my locker. 

Their questions were shouted at me at such a pace that I couldn't understand what was going on. 

After a few minutes, I saw Drew, Stefan and the guys breaking through the crowd. I also saw someone behind them and nearly fainted when I realized it was Chris. My body couldn't take many more surprises. It didn't help that I noticed some bruising starting to form around Chris' left eye. I wasn't going to worry about that in the midst of the heard of reporters so I tucked the information in the back of my mind. 

Drew started pushing people out of the way and shouted to Chris, "Get her out of here." 

Chris grabbed my arm and hauled me away from them. The football guys held the reporters back so they couldn't follow us and we could get away. We ran to a hardly used door and outside a car was waiting for us. We hopped in and I saw that Mike was in the driver's seat and Jennifer was in the passenger's. 

"Where do you want me to go to?" Mike asked. 

"Go to Lucinda's. She is home today," I told him. 

We drove the short distance in silence, and when we got to Lucinda's house, we all exited the car and walked up to the door. It took her a minute to waddle to the door to answer it. When she did, she willingly let us into her house. 

"You're getting so big Lucinda. How has everything been lately?" I asked her. 

"You would know if you would have actually come around," she joked. "It's been really good. I have been resting a lot. The doctor says that I'm healthy and I am into my last trimester. If I wouldn't have had that appointment today, I would have been at school." 

"It is probably best that you weren't there." 

"Why? What's going on?" she worried. 

"Don't fret too much," I calmly reassured her. "Where's your laptop? That will help me to better explain." 

She went to grab it and set it on the table. I pulled up the magazine article and turned the computer for her to see. 

"Wow!" was all she had to say. She then leaned over to whisper to me, "Who's the woman you came with?" 

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