Chapter 2

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As I rounded the corner, huffing and puffing from running the remainder of the blocks, I could see the little intimate Italian restaurant four shops down the side walk. Wow, it looked so inviting; I should really come explore this part of the city more often. Deciding to slow down to a jog and try calm and control my breathing, I checked my watch. Wow, I only ran for five minutes and already I was breathless? I really should join that cute gym around the corner from my townhouse.

I approached the hostess that was standing by the door looking over a podium. Taking a quick glance in the restaurant, searching and not finding anybody that remotely resembled a financial advisor; I frowned in confusion and addressed the hostess.

"Uhm, reservation for a Mr. Bass and Miss Tlou?" I asked politely.

Taking in my messy appearance she smiled again and motioned me to follow her.

"Mr. Bass also just arrived." She said over her shoulder, "He too... Uhm... I'll just guess that it's a bit jungle-like out there in the streets with this weather?" she commented conversationally trying to hide a giggle.

I just snorted out my response in embarrassment. How do I still show up here, at a business meeting, looking like I was just run over by a truck?! Stupid Aura!

She led me through and around a bend that went left towards the back and a sunny patio like eating area filled my vision. How beautiful! I was beginning to like this place. Thank God the sun had started to break through the thunderous clouds and little sunrays were filling up the room with dancing sparkles. At least I would get to dry up a bit!

During my monologue I hadn't noticed that the hostess had stopped walking, I walked straight into her, making her bump the table which sent cutlery flying everywhere. I stumbled back in shock and almost knocked an elderly couple's table over!

Wow... Really? Really Universe, really?! We had to go there huh...

I finally managed to raise my head, embarrassed at the scene I just caused, expecting a lot of glares and disapproving stares. I couldn't even imagine what my new financial advisor's reaction would be. Geez, what a first impression...

I froze.

It was him.


Wait, huh? What's he doing here?

I watched as his face wondered the same thing I was; then it clicked.

"Miss Tlou?"

"Mr. Bass?" we both said at the same time.

I nodded my head dumbly, still staring at him as he smiled and gestured me to sit down. Well isn't this just awkward? The same guy who I just bumped into a couple of blocks away is actually my new advisor? He looked way to young and (excuse me but it has to be said) too SEXY to be a boring-ass financial advisor! I mean he looked about 26, that's young isn't it? He also stared back at me, the weird look present in his eyes. What was he thinking about?

The hostess, who was watching the whole thing with an amused smirk, pulled out a chair for me and asked me what I would like to drink.

"Get the waiter to bring her a cappuccino. Froth, not cream; and two sugars, also bring some warm towels please." Tristan interjected, just before I opened my mouth to answer. I blinked at him in shock.

"How did you know that's what I drink?" I asked dazzled.

His cheeks went a slight shade darker as he looked away. "I uh... I have a small talent for knowing how people take their coffee. It's weird, I know."

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