War has only just begun....

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Oliveria's pov
   I sighed as the hot water hit my body, it's been Months since I had time to myself to think .

Yeah months.

I applied soap on the plastic loofah and started rubbing  my back.

I stepped out the shower, applied lotion,  and went to my closet if I said I had no problem finding clothes then I'd be lying.

Things had changed ever since I told Jacob off.

I didn't want to ruin my relationship with Arthur so I stopped every contact with him...not that he didn't get the gist...

Jacob had become the coldest, rudest, meanest person to ever do horrible things (After Hitler of course. .sidetracked sorry) he became so mean I couldn't even look at him anymore.

My friends had left. Lucy went to London to continue her music career for piano, and Luke was accepted into the army  it broke my heart to  watch them go. And now it was just Arthur and I alone.

Laila is coming back on graduation night she is doing online classes in Africa as well.

Though I missed them like crazy, I knew I would see them again, all of them.

I walked through the doors of the school entrance. I saw a girl about my height, Asian like, and with thin glasses. She was new , I smiled. 

Hesitantly, she walked up to me and managed to  speak ." Do you have any idea where the calculus room is ?"

Of course how did I not know she took big classes.

"Actually, I was just heading there. "

"I'm Anny Wong ," she extended her arm to shake my hand, I returned the gesture by greeting it shaking it firmly," Wow such strong grip ,I have a feeling we're going to be friends. " Anny said. " Oliveria Pangu or just Olive whichever, Olivia,  Oli, or Livy." She smiled, " A pleasure to meet you as well. " I told her everything about classes and school too.

As we headed to class we saw a guy on top of another one  beating the crap out of him, this broke my heart Jacob continued to punch and kick and no one did anything. I suddenly realized I wasn't the only one who was witnessing such atrocity.

" The other is going to get hurt if we don't do something about it Olive." I agreed, so with her I marched over there .

"Hey stop fighting! " But he kept doing it,"Jacob get off him now or I'll call the principal and you won't be able to play next week." 

This hit a nerve , he stopped beating the guy and took a good look at me, it made me uncomfortable.

He continued to stare ,he looked at me up and down. Was I that ugly I mean all I wore today was a hold u in skirt and a dress shirt.

" What now monkey, shouldn't you be over there somewhere eating instead of ruining my precious
victory." He said he continued talking this time to attract attention, "Where's your boyfriend Arthur ,that wimp of a cousin. What you were too fat to go at his pace. I understand that you miss your whale family but do you always like have to talk. I mean shouldn't you have committed suicide a long ass time ago?"

This earned him laughter ,haha laugh it all up idiots you won't be  when I'm gone in a better place. In a grand luxury apartment or home, with a famous husband and wonderful kids.

Yeah I fantasized but it's all good no harm done.

"Yeah I would committed suicide a long time ago. I just think it's funny watching you  make a fool of yourself so I'm thinking of staying here longer." I smiled, Victory was on my side now.

I hit another nerve he looked back at me ," Do you know why I hate your kind ,you black bitches know only to spread your legs to every man walking! Don't act surprised I said before. Tell me how, many abortions have you had... three , four." I stood there shocked... speechless ," I'm guessing a lot... damn right it's a lot. "

He chuckled. " Did he pay you big time or something damn you whore. No wonder no one wants you I mean look at yourself Arthur goes out with you because he feels pity for you I am the one who I'm gave him money to date you, you're not special. "

" You're lying because we love each other another thing you should ' ve checked without any type of right information. " " oh ,but I always do I'm not stupid. Go ask him he's engaged to marry someone else. Ask him yourself. " he started to walk away from me with his crew... dummies if he said jump they would ask how high.

He stopped in his tracks, " oh ,and cut down on the cookies you've already had enough. " This  is what had become as Jake  it had become our daily routine he had become cold and ruthless.

But two things bothered me though.

"I am sooo sorry this happened Livy ." I have forgotten that Anny was still here ." I'm sorry you had to see that." She told me it was ok she tried consoling me . Maddy then decides to pop up.

" Look here you bitch and you better listen well I don't know what you have against my Jakey but you will pay you hear. "

" And you tell  him if I wanted to commit suicide then I would've climbed up your ego and down to your IQ. " People started ooing and laughing ,me I needed to get Anny and I to class . The late bell rang no no no no no this was a problem I was never late. Never. I took her by the hand and started to jog.

" We arrived to calculus and Anny covered for me telling Mr.Funt that I helped her around the school . He took it since I am never late and always on time. And that my friends was the begging of a beautiful friendship.

About  two weeks later things were now the same except Arthur and I had broken up what Jake said was true I just couldn't take anymore lies so I broke  it off ith him and I gave him a choice to either become my ex or my best friend.

He said as long as I still talked to him it was alright.  But in reality it was not he was heartbroken and so was I . I just miss his kisses and his hugs ..... but it was part of life. But for now were just best friends with Anny as well. For some reason though I had this feeling that I was going to be alone , I don't why but it haunted my thoughts. Always.
Everything was changing and I knew they never be the same

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