Chapter 13

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Well... After um... Oh, wow, a year now... Um, I have, ah... Found old files... And an old, old muse that left me... Kind of came upon me last night at eleven or so when I wasn't looking... I know ya'll probably hate me for this, but um... I bring to you, chapter 13... Feel free to rage at me if ya' want... 

Chapter 13

  The Nemesis always had this kind of, loud silence to it. The ship was always so quiet, and yet loud at the same time, always buzzing with life. If you stepped into the control room, the "life sound" of the ship would pick up with the hum of internals and the clack of keys. The med bay's life sound was generally a distant buffer, maybe Knock Out's disdainful voice. 

Today the med bay's life sound had kicked up a bit. It had been like that for days really, a steadily increasing hum over all other noise. A welder or saw could often be heard as Knockout pieced together what seemed to be a femme's protoform and basic frame.

K3-AR-50N, a vehicon drone more easily identified as Kearson, stared at a small tube, his chin resting on the balls of his palm. The liquid it was filled with glowed a sickly green color, somewhat misty, but just transparent enough to see the spark suspended in it. It pulsed an odd gold color, slightly distorted by the liquid it drifted in. Kearson tapped a key, briefly analyzing its current progress.

He heaved a sigh, rolling his shoulders tiredly. Over the course of the past week it seemed like the Autobots were getting more persistent, more merciless... Just today he'd nearly lost an arm to their scout. They were certainly hounding the Nemesis' trails though. Then there was the mini bot, Shift-something, who kept yelling about returning a kitten or something of that nature.

Glancing back at the spark, Kearson wondered if they were after it. It was ridiculous, he knew-what use did they have for a spark?- but he had to wonder. He had heard humans that the spark had belonged to a human, but that couldn't possibly be right. How did a Cybertronian spark end up in a human body?

He sat back, letting free another sigh as he slumped in his chair. His helm tilted to drop on the back of his seat. He would kill for some energon right then. He powered off his vision, letting the sound of the Nemesis lull him as he propped up his pedes.

Beside him, the spark hummed and pulsed brightly, piercing even past the liquid confines of the tube. The anomaly went unnoticed, and ended as soon as it had begun...

>>>>Elsewhere are the Nemesis...>>>>

Kearson wasn't the only drone who noticed the life sounds of the Nemesis. ST-3V3, when he wasn't focused on Commander Starscream, focused on the sounds too. Steve was a Friend of Kearson's, the very one who had introduced him to the concept of the the ship's life sounds. 

Outside the med bay was quiet. Steve padded through the long, dimly lit corridors on light pedes, listening to the soft hums. He treasure these few moments, when the air was still and peaceful, radiating a silent tranquility...

Suddenly, from just a few feet away, a door slid open and out flew another drone. The drone hit the wall opposite the entrance, distinctly lacking certain limbs. Energon pooled rapidly on the floor beneath him. Steve felt apprehension crackle across his plating like lightning. 

He inched forward cautiously, getting his gun ready, and slowly peered into the entrance. A sleek yet sharply plated mech was frowning down at an energon coated pole, obviously broken loose from somewhere within the room. Steve would have gaped at him, had he room in his mask to do so. 

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