| Chapter Song: Laura Palmer- Bastille |

*Orion's Point of View*

We made it back to camp safely. Well, almost safely. Long story short, the Grounder woke up and attacked us, and ended up stabbing Finn in the chest with a knife. Now, Clarke was trying to help Finn, I was trying to help Clarke, and Raven was trying to get the communication system to work. To make the situation even worse, it was storming really bad outside, and I had no idea where Bellamy was.

"Calling Ark station," raven tried time after time. "The hundred are alive, can anyone hear me?"

A miracle happened. "This is a restricted station. Who is this?"

"This is Raven Reyes, I'm from Mecca Station. I'm transmitting from the ground. The hundred are alive." Everyone started cheering. "Please, I need Dr. Abby Griffin now."

"Hold on Raven," the man on the othe side said. "We're trying to boost your signal."

"Raven, are you there?" Abby asked.

"Mom?" Clarke replied. "Mom, it's me."


"Mom, I need your help. One of our was stabbed by a Grounder."

"Clarke," A new voice rang out. "This is the Chancellor. Are you saying there's survivors on the ground?"

"Yes," She answered. "The earth is survivable. But we're not alone." A moment of silence followed. "Mom, he's dying. The knife's still in his chest."

"Clarke," Jaha spoke again. "Is my son with you?"

"I'm so sorry. Wells is- Wells is dead."

        ↠ ↠ ↠ ↠ ↠

"I'm gonna talk you through it step by step, okay?" Abby told us. She said something again, but it was too hard to understand due to the storm.

"What?" Clarke asked, and I paced nervously.

"Raven, what's wrong?" I asked her.

"It's not the radio," Raven replied, "it's the storm."

"Clarke, we need to hurry," Abby spoke again.

Octavia came in and handed me two thermoses. I opened it and smelled it.

"Ugh," I said, "Monty's moonshine?"

"I'm pretty sure no germ can survive it," She replied. 

"Storm's getting worse. Monroe, close the doors," Clarke ordered.

"But we still have people out there," She said.

"Monty and Jasper are still out there," Clarke pointed out. "They haven't gotten back yet."

"Neither is Bellamy," I told her.

"It's alright," Clarke assured me. "They'll find somewhere to ride it out." Octavia and I began mixing whatever it was Clarke told us to mix. All I knew was that it smelled disgusting.

"Here's that sterile needle you asked for," Raven said.

"Great," Clarke replied. "Now I'll I need is something to thread the wound with."

"There's some wire on the second level, we can use that," Octavia said.

"Go get it," Clarke told her.

"Stay away from the blue wires I ran throught the ceiling. I rigged it to the solar pannels on the roof. That means they're hot!" Raven warned and Octavia walked by. "Got that?"

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