As the sun goes down, and the sky burns a fiery orange, nothing moves. Then suddenly, just as night extends its fingers to steal the day away, the woman in the black outfit emerges from her hiding place and runs. She runs towards the Sanctuary, hoping that the night guards haven't arrived yet.

"This could be it," she thinks to herself. "I could breach the Sanctuary and take down the Overlord once and for all." Yes it was a foolish move, but seeing your husband executed on live television will drive you to attempt even the most futile of endeavours. Luck appears to be on her side, as she reaches the door with no sign of any resistance. But her good fortune is short-lived. The second her hand touches the door, she is instantly surrounded by Shadow Warriors.

Armed with a razor sharp blade and the ability to move with the wind, Shadow Warriors are the ultimate soldiers. If you're unfortunate enough to encounter even one of them, do not under any circumstances resist. If you submit without a fight, they will take you to live out the rest of your days in the Sanctuary dungeons. But if you attempt to fight back.....

The woman runs, as if by some delusion she thinks she stands a chance. She spares a glance behind her and almost stops in shock. Instead of pursuing her, the Shadow Warriors have simply remained where they stood. She allows herself a moment to relax, but it is a moment too long. The Shadow Warriors disperse into atoms which begin to chase after her with the speed of grains of sand in a hurricane. As she resumes her frantic running she focuses her attention at her back, not seeing the Shadow Warrior reassemble in front of her until it's too late.

She sprints straight into the Shadow Warrior's blade, forcing her still beating heart out of her body and spattering the ground with her blood. She dies almost instantly, leaving behind two young children, one of which is literally days old. They will not be seen as anything special. Just two more orphans of the Rebellion.

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