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That morning Natalie entered the hospital and tried to find Derek. But instead she found the chief making some new announcements and Mark was standing next to him. Natalie remembered what it was about, Mark had already told her. So she stopped for a second to listen to his speech, because she had promised him. "...Our schedule for several months now. Hospitals across the country have reported substantial savings." The chief was speaking, but his voice faded out when Derek walked up next to Natalie.

"How bad is it today?" He asked her.

"The chief's implementing a computer model for scheduling our surgeries from now on. Something about efficiency and progress." Natalie remembered what Mark had told her.

"And to make sure this was the right decision, I have enlisted one of our own to do a trial run for the last month. Dr. Sloan." 

Mark stepped up and Natalie gave him a small smile, no matter how hard it was for her. "I know what you're all thinking. It's a machine. It doesn't know me. It doesn't know what I like. But after using this new system for the past month, I gotta say, people, I'm a convert. This computer knows me better than I know me."

"Chief, this thing has rearranged my schedule for the entire week." Derek spoke up. "I mean, haven't we had enough change here already?" He turned around to speak to the gathered doctors.

"Change is good, everyone. Embrace it."The Chief said before leaving.

"You two need to stop bickering. It's unattractive." Bailey pointed out. And even if Natalie agreed, she had other things to worry about.

"Derek, I need your help." She said and Derek looked at her, realising how serious it was.

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"I need a consult for this." She placed the scans under the light so Derek could see clearly.

"Oh. It's a tumor on the spinal cord, possibly a hemangioblastoma." Derek confirmed exactly what Natalie had seen. 

"You've worked on one before?" She asked him, before she could tell him exactly what it was about.

"Not this big. You see how the tumor has worked its way up the spine? It's taken over the blood supply. It's a perfect tumor. You know if the patient still has leg function?" He asked her.

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