Chapter | 30

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Warning: okay, maybe you can romanticize this a bit. If youre willing to see poor Shen get tormented and bullied >:( Hani is disappointed

on the other side,


"I don't know who the fúck this 'Kevin' you're calling out to, baby..."

"Nnhh! So... rry! Please... I can't...!"

Mahiro silently opens the door and leans in the frame, watching a maid get harassed by an injured master. The maid is kneeling by the headboard, straddling the shoulders of his Master who is sucking him like candy under his skirt. The injured Kelvin seems to enjoy squeezing onto the Shen's áss as he does so.

"Aww, isn't this workplace harassment?" Mahiro's gentle yet playful voice disturbs the two.

Shen gasps looking at the door, accidentally sitting onto Kelvin's chest in panic.


"Ahh! Sorry! Mahiro, he's here!" He's forced to kneel upright once again, attempting to get off the bed.

"So? He has nothing to do with me getting my candy," Kelvin still pulls Shen against him, going back to making Shen cry with his cold mouth.

"Mahiro...! Help! Help me, I'm not a maid! Make Kelvin stop, he is injured!"

Mahiro instead got turned on by the sight and approached the bed, "What if you're the medicine, Shen?"

"You bullshít me!" Shen moans out.

Mahiro licks his lips, "Hmm, were just trying to put a Prince in his place... turning him into a cute Maid-chan... ne, Maid-chan is supposed to be servicing us, but why is Kelvin the one giving you pleasure? Naughty little Maid..."

"I'm gonna tell Adan you bullshít me all the time!" Shen cries out as Mahiro grabs his hair and pulls his head against him, claiming the lips of a Prince-turned-servant.

Shen breathes out in pleasure, his hips grinding onto Kelvin's mouth and hands as he makes out with Mahiro.

"Bullshít, huh?" Mahiro chuckles upon pulling away and seeing Shen in this blissful state. Do you hear that, brother? He calls us out but is enjoying himself like the slút he is."

"Indeed; calling out a 'Kevin' while we mess around, he really has a lot of other men..."

"Other men?! No! Kelvin, you dumb..." Shen angrily huffs, making the two men laugh.

"Hey Shen..." Mahiro says with a dashing, innocent smile, Kelvin under the maid with a malicious grin as well. Both are making Shen's heart beat like crazy. "... how's your knees?"

No... they're gonna bully me again! Yet Shen hopes that they won't leave out Adan this time...

Speaking of, Adan walks to Kelvin's room and opens the door, only to find two idiots harassing a poor maid. They were arguing about putting it at the same time, and Shen is against all of it since it will hurt.

"Boys," Adan announces his presence, to which everyone stopped.

"Adan, help! I only have one, they want to put two!" A restrained maid cries out in the middle of his two Masters.

Adan does find it hot and sexy, but he looks away in order to control himself. "I found Shen's parents. They're in China. But, we should make sure to track and destroy Diwa's tree in this island. Only then will it be safe to meet them, when nothing but the Queen is the threat to our lives."

Hoàng Chi... Shen didn't understand what he said, but he recognized the mention of his parents. "My parents! Where?! China?!"

Shen squirms in between Kelvin and Mahiro, so Adan commanded them to release him. When he did, he stumbles out of the bed. "Where?! I want to see my dad!"

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