Chapter 4

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Mckenna POV

Nothing was going as i thought it was suppose to happen. This man was crushing me to his body and i was very well aware of i=his large hands. 

I saw people in the distance. Sqinting i tried to figure out who they where when suddenly it dawned on me. They are the others from my village. We was catching up with the rest of this man hunting party as i like to call them. 

Because that is what they are. Men hunting their prey like a hawk flys the sky and spots his next meal and dives down and catches it in his sharp death like grip.

Refussing to give up to quickly i tired to pry his large hand from around my waist. i tried to claw and sratch even to pinch but he was not letting go. Not even flinching like i was not even doing a thing to him. 

I had to do something now before we caught up with everyone else. I took a deep breath and got my nerves under control. i couldnt be shaken in my shoes if i had to make a run for it. 

Using all the strength i had i i put my right hand into a fist and with my ledt i places over id and with all i could muster up i elbowed him in the ribs. then when is hand that was on my dropped to cradle his side i flew my head back and head butted him aiming for the nose but got the chin instead. 

But wasting no time on my mistake i threw my leg over his stead and landed on my feet perfectly. I erged my feet to move as fast as they could. i saw that the hunters had stopped and were looking over in our direction. mostly likey from the war cry that the man raored when he reclaimed is balance.

Trying my best to not lose my balance in running over the rough ground, i ran for the hill. hopefully there i coild at leastg find a nice hiding spot where a i could find consolence in from the weather and the man that was now chasing me. 

Willing m yself not to look back, because i knew that if did that i would give up all hope in out running him. I had to keep faith, even though i could hear him behind me and gaining up on me fast. I was running out of breath. my lung felt like they were on fire. One foot infront of the other, one foot infront of the other. that is was i have to keep telling myself. Just a little fauther and i would start up the hill. just keep running. Dont look back.

Just as i was about to reach the foot of the hill, he came around me on his horse and stopped me dead in my tracks. Before i could even think he was off his horse and his vice like grip was on the top of my arm, holding it tight.

"Trying to out run a man on horse back are you?  Very stupid because all you have managed to do is get yourself in more trouble."

He dragged me to the back of his horse where a bag was tied to it. He reached inside and pulled out a long rope. turning back to me and taking my other arm he pulled it behind my back. then sliding his other hand down my arm he jerked it behind me as well making me jerk forward. suddenly i fely the rough rope being tied bonding my wrist together. tyring to struggle they only drew tighting, by him i am sure. 

"Since you are so found of walking instead of riding you will walk."

he pushed me forward so that i was now in front of his horse. I turned around and followed the rope up to him and he swung himself into the saddle. 

"What the hell! do you really suspect that I walk the rest of the way with my hands tied behind my back." i stared up at him. He leaned low over his horse and looked me stright in the eye. What came out of his mouth wshockedf the crap out of. That i almost forgot to walk when he kicked his horse into motion.

"You know Miss Swan such mothy words if front of your Lord will most likey get you scrubbing the floors that him and his loyal followers walk on"

all i could do was stare at that damn smirk on his face. What have i gotten myself into. Not only have i cursed at him but also i have fit him and drew blood.

For the love that is all holy! Not only did i hate the lord that inforced the laws that i hate but i was now being practicly dragged by him to his home. 

Where i had no idea what was going to happen to me. 

At least he gave me enough rope that i was now walking behind him but had enogh slack that i was able to face foward and be able to walk.

i held my chin up high when we reached the other. not taking in the looks that was on the faces of the other boys that was, like me , taking away from their homes and thust into a world that they didnt want to be in. 

After along walk we finally was able to see the castle and as we where led through the walls i became more and more nervous.  could feel myheart beat go faster and faster. what was going to be my fate.

everyone was practicaly bowing to the man in front of me that it made me sick.

then everyone would stop what they were doing and stare at me. looking around i seen that the others where going a seprate way and i was being dragged some where else. i just knew that it was going to be the dungaun.

we stopped and a little boy grabbed the horse by his reins and when the Lord got off he walked towards me. gather the extra rope in is hands. looking him stight in the eye i was bond and determined not to coward to him, even now that i knew who he was.

smiling as he got  closer to me i had no idea what to expect to come next from him. he roughly grabbed me by the upper arm and pulled me towards a wooden door.

Yep this is it. I was a goner. And no one here was going to say any different.




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