Our food came out a few minutes later and we ate in silence. I could tell this was really bothering Travis and I hated it. I hate that even though I have no contact with him, Zoey was still causing problems in my life. After the food was paid for, we went to the studio. I didn't want to be home by myself so, I tagged along with Travis.

While Travis and one of his artist talked and decided on beats, I laid stretched out on the leather sofa FaceTiming Bre. She showed me all the cute little outfits she had went out and bought.

"That's so adorable!" I squealed at the frilly pink dress. "Did you buy the whole store Bre?"

"Maybe." She giggled. "Ooo, you've got to see the cute little flower headband I bought her."

"You're the best auntie." I giggled. "Her closet is already full Bre, where am I gonna put all this stuff?"

"Make room." She shrugged. "But anyways, have we decided on a name for babygirl?"

"No not yet." I ran my fingers through my hair. "But, I have some ideas."

"Lay em on me." She said while folding the clothes back up.

"Harleigh Grace, Paige Elizabeth, Alayah Bree, Reese Annabelle, or McKenna Bailey." I listed out.

"Now you already know which one I like." She laughed.

"Come on now, really choose one Bre." I playfully rolled my eyes.

"Well, Harleigh Grace is super cute." She nodded. "Is she gonna have your last name or Zoey's?"

"Mine." I looked down at my nails. "He doesn't deserve for her to have his last name.."

"But Savannah, that's his kid." She raised an eyebrow.

I heard Travis clear his throat making me look up. He was already looking at me with a sarcastic look then went back to talking.

"Bre, that's a whole different conversation and I really don't feel like talking about it." I sighed.

"Understood." She held her hands up. "Well, I have to go clock in soon, I'll talk to you later girl."


She blew me a kiss before hanging up and I quietly giggled. I played different games and scrolled through my Instagram while Travis was working. My eyes grew heavy as the hours went by slowly. It was almost 3 in the morning before we got back home. I held my lower back as we walked in with my shoes in the other hand. Travis was kind of hesitant towards me and I could tell by his demeanor.

"You want me to run you a hot bath or something?" He mumbled. "You look uncomfortable and that might relax you.."

"Yeah.. thank you." I sat my shoes down and started up the stairs to the bedroom.

He nodded and went towards the bathroom. I was mentally and physically exhausted for the day. My back was killing me, and Harleigh was kicking up a storm. I pulled my shirt over my head and took a deep breath. The pain was almost unbearable now.

"Your bath is ready." Travis said, standing by the doorway.

I said okay, and went down to the bathroom. Travis helped me out of the rest of my clothing and then helped me into the bathtub. The water was so warm and felt absolutely lovely against my skin. I rested my head back and closed my eyes, fully relaxing.

I heard the TV in the living room cut on, meaning Travis was about to indulge in his late night gaming. He only even turns the damn thing on when he's stressed/worried.
I laid in the tub for several minutes, taking in the peace and & quiet in the bathroom.

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