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" this moment "

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Travis and I sat in the dark room watching the doctor intently watch the screen. I bit my lip anxiously waiting for him to say something. You see, I'm 9 months now and I've been having minor problems. Cramps, a little bleeding, stuff like that. Travis was more worried than I was so, we were back at the doctors office for the second time this week.

The doctor finished the ultrasound and wiped my stomach off. She sighed and turned her chair to face us.

"Well, this little lady is very stubborn." She lightly chuckled. "She's now breached but, I don't want you to stress. Your due date is in two weeks so, she has time to turn around. In a couple days, you need to come back so we can check. If she's still breached, we'll schedule a c-section."

"And what about the cramps and bleeding?" I asked.

"Just stress." She answered. "Try to avoid as much stress as you can. Relax, and don't get worked up over things."

"Understood." I nodded.

"Next time I see you two, hopefully we'll be welcoming the princess into the world." She smiled. "You all have a nice day, and remember; no stress."

"Yes ma'am." I smiled back.

She left the room and Travis helped me up. I pulled my sweater down and we walked out. We were both starving, so we decided on going to iHop. Thankfully, it was practically empty so there was no need to worry about paparazzi or fans. We sat down in a booth in the back and I looked through the menu.

I glanced up and saw Travis smiling at the ultrasound pictures.

"She's stubborn like her momma." He chuckled. "But she's going to be gorgeous like her momma too.."

"Thank you baby." I held his hand. "I'm so anxious for her to get here."

"Savannah, can we talk about something?" He scratched the back of his neck.

"Mhm. What is it?" I sipped my water.

"Ole dude.. the guy who's her biological father, does he know about her at all?" He asked quietly.

"No." I answered, looking down at my stomach.

"Why you ain't never tell him?" He sighed. "What if when he find out, he don't want me around her no more? I done spent all this time growing so attached to her and I.. I just don't want her ripped away from me.."

"Travis.. Zoey is the last person that would care about this baby. He's an immature piece of shit. If he knew, he wouldn't care. You're her father in my eyes. You've been here from the beginning of this pregnancy. You never left my side. I would never let him take her away from you." I said to him.

"I'm just worried man." He put his head in his hands. "He deserves to know either way Savannah. Even if he won't care, he'll carry the guilt of not being there for his child.."

"Travis you don't know him like I do." I rolled my eyes. "He doesn't have to know."

"Savannah yes he does." He said in frustration. "This is his kid. His blood is running through her, not mine."

I didn't bother responding to him because I just didn't want to talk about it anymore. This topic wasn't one I liked very much. In my opinion, Zoey wasn't ready for a child and probably never will be. He can't commit to anything. He didn't commit to me, so why would I put my daughter through the same pain. I don't want her knowing her dad doesn't want anything to do with her.

I know what that feels like and I will not allow the cycle of feeling unloved continue. This baby will know nothing but love. Travis and I love each other, and he'll love her just like he's her biological father. He'll be there for everything, just as he promised.

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