Chapter 27:She's Gone

Start from the beginning

Then we go inside...


"Ryouko,Where are you?!"-Me

"Let's look around"-Yukiteru

After that we look around and saw a mark...

"What's this?"-Reiko

"I don't know"-Yukiteru

When I look to the mark I see what happened....


"I wonder where is she?"-Me

While walking I saw a mark...

"Wait a second.I think I know this mark"-Me

Then I hold the mark and it glows...

"What the.."-Me

When I open my eyes.I saw a castle,a dead tree and it's very dark place...

"What is this place?"-Me

"It's the demon world"-A girl said

Then I look around...

"Who-who are you?"-Me

"Hmph n_n"-The girl said

Then someone catch me.I think it's the royal guard the put me on a cage inside a castle...

"Let me go!Help!"-Me

Then someone talk...

"No one can hear you"-The girl with a hood

"Your the girl earlier.Who are you?"-Me

Then she take off her wood...



(End of Flashback)

"I know what happened"-Me

"Oh right.You have a power to see the past or the future"-Reiko

"Say it"-Yukiteru


Then I told them everything...

"What!Ryouko is on the demon world and Kyouko captured her"-Reiko

"But still we don't know why Kyouko is in the demon world on the first place"-Yukiteru

"Yes.You're right.My power can't see it either"-Me

"But how can we rescue Ryouko?"-Reiko

"I don't know"-Yukiteru

"Let's go on my place.We have a library on the basement"-Me

"What kind of book is in there?"-Reiko

"Magic Spell,About familiar darkness and about Demon world"-Me

"So,It will help us to lead our way there"-Yukiteru

"So,What are we waiting for let's go to the library"-Reiko

After that we go to the library and find a book...

"Are you sure it's here?"-Yukiteru

"Yes.Just be keep finding"-Me


"I saw it!"-Reiko



"Let me see"-Yukiteru

"Yes.This is the book"-Me

"Good Job n_n"-Yukiteru

"Thanks n_n"-Me

After that we read the book...


"Read it"-Reiko



"If you see a demon mark just easily touch it if it glows you suddenly vanish then you will get in the demon world"-Me

"So,That's how"-Reiko

"Let's go on the mark again"-Yukiteru

After that we go on the mark...

"Try to touch it"-Reiko

"Shoould I say let's touch it"-Me


After that we touch the mark..And surprise...


"In the.."-Yukiteru



End of Chapter 27


Hope you like it...

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