Ryouko's POV

Today I go on Kyouko's house.We don't have same house afterall.

~Kyouko's House~


I look aroun but no one is in there...

"I wonder where is she?"-Me

While walking I saw a mark...

"Wait a second.I think I know this mark"-Me

Then I hold the mark and it glows...

"What the.."-Me

When I open my eyes.I saw a castle,a dead tree and it's very dark place...

"What is this place?"-Me

"It's the demon world"-A girl said

Then I look around...

"Who-who are you?"-Me

"Hmph n_n"-The girl said

Then someone catch me.I think it's the royal guard the put me on a cage inside a castle...

"Let me go!Help!"-Me

Then someone talk...

"No one can hear you"-The girl with a hood

"Your the girl earlier.Who are you?"-Me

Then she take off her wood...




Reiko's POV





"I'm Fine.How about you? n_n"-Yukiteru

"I'm fine too n_n"-Me

Then Okumura came...

"Hey.Okumura Where's Ryouko?"-Yukiteru

"She go on Kyouko's house"-Okumura

"I guess she will be late"-Me


"Look at the boys"-Yukiteru

"They look dissapionted on something"-Me

"Because Ryouko is not here"-Okumura


After that the class started...

"Good Morning.Class"-Ms.Sawada

"Good Morning"-All

After tha Ms.Sawada discussed...


Okumura's POV


"That's weird Ryouko is absent today"-Reiko

"But she told me that she will go on Kyouko's House"-Me

"Let's go on Kyouko's House .Maybe she's there"-Yukiteru

"You're right.Let's go"-Me

After that we go on Kyouko's House...

~Kyouko's House~

"Wow it's so big!"-Reiko

"And it's japanese style"-Yukiteru

"Let's go inside"-Me

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