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Serena woke up the around 3 in the morning feeling a strange warmth around her body , she moved a bit when she heard a groan and turned around to see James Potter who she apparently had woken up.

And even though she internally was freaking out a bit , the blonde quickly got up and looked at the brown haired boy

"Come on , get up Potter" she said

"No you come back down" he mumbled half asleep pulling her back into his arms

"Oh merlin no , we need to get back inside" Serena told him but James had already fallen back to sleep with his face buried in her blonde waves

When the morning came James happened to wake up first he slowly opened his eyes without removing his hand from Serena's waist and took a look at the beautiful girl that was peacefully sleeping next to him.

Unconsciously he smiled at himself before panic took over

'What happened last night?'
'Did I sleep with her? I hope not'
'I mean I wouldn't mind she's beautiful
but I would never cheat on my Lilyflower especially not with a snake'
'Yeah snake, that's all she is'

Those thoughts could continue forever if he didn't feel serena moving next to him probably waking up

Serena groaned as she tried her best to get up and she when she fully opened her eyes the first thing she saw was James Potters panicked expression

"Everything alright Potter?" She asked him confused

"What the hell happened last night , and why we were here together and why.." he didn't get to finish his sentence when he heard Serena chuckle and then confusion took over his face

"Relax potter nothing that you're thinking about happened , as for why woke up together is because we fell asleep together" she said

"Well to be exact we fell asleep the first time when you asked me to stay and then I woke up around 3 and told you we should get back but again you pulled me down and you wouldn't let go and... do you want me to continue?"
Serena told him looking at his shocked expression

"No because there is no way I did what you say I did" James retorted

"But you did" the blonde said and a smirk formed to her lips at the sight of the boy who was now blushing

"Anyway let's just forget it Potter , is that simple "
Was the last thing the blonde said before she turned around and left

"Where have you been Prongs , I've been looking for you since the party" Sirius said when he saw James approaching the Gryffindor table

"Umm, I was tired and I went to bed early" James shrugged

"Umm prongs , mate we share a dorm I would know if you went to bed early" the raven haired boy replied

"Soo who's the lucky girl, did Lily finally gave in" he smirked

"No I just fell asleep at the astronomy tower alone" James lied

"Alone huh? " Sirius raised his eyebrow
"So you weren't with a blonde , Slytherin , super hot may I add , girl"
he continued

"What how on earth do you know..." James asked

"Huh got ya" Sirius yelled

"Alright but how! " James said in confusion

"Because I'm very observant and I ..."
"Oh bullshit he checked the map "Remus interrupted him

"Thanks a lot Moony" Sirius responded
"Anytime Padfoot , so Prongs what happened with you and Serena?" Remus turned to face him

"Yeah did you get some action going" Sirius added wiggling his eyebrows

"Nothing happened we just fell asleep and it's not going to happen again , she made that pretty clear " James mumbled the last part at himself

"You look a bit disappointed Prongs" Remus noted

"What! No I don't , I don't even like her, if that's what you're implying" James retorted almost frustrated

"Oh I don't imply anything" the golden haired boy replied , a smirk forming on his lips

"I'm just saying that since Serena talked to you yesterday at dinner you haven't even spared a glance at Evans" he continued

"That's not true" James said realising that his friend was for once again correct

"Whatever you say Prongs" Remus told him , letting out a small and quiet chuckle at his friends clearly false statement.

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