Chapter 1

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Zeb, Hera and Sabine sat in the main area of the Ghost, no one wanting to say a word. Sabine rested her chin on the table, tears running down her face and onto her arms.
"So...what should we do?" Zeb asked.
"We can't do nothing," Hera said, exasperated. "Just because the Ghost crashed on Tatooine doesn't mean we're done."
"But Kanan and Ezra being dead does," Sabine mumbled, resting her head on the table. They all sighed, cut deep.
"We could always go find more rebels," Hera suggested.
"On this dust ball?" Zeb scoffed. "It'd be like trying to find a microchip on Endor."
"It's not impossible."
"Uh, yeah. It is."
"What's the point?" Sabine snapped, sitting up and slamming her hands on the table. "There is no Republic, there is no Jedi Order, there is no hope! We're all screwed." She crossed her arms and sat back, slamming herself into the seat. "Kanan and Ezra were our last chance. At least if we get killed, we'll be with them."
"There's always a chance," Hera snapped back.
"Not for us," Sabine grumbled, getting up and walking to her room.
"Always a little spitfire," Zeb said.
"Oh, yeah," Hera replied. "So, want a drink?"
"Sure," Zeb said, standing up. "Where're we going?"
"Mos Eisley Cantina," Hera replied, standing as well and walking out. "Roughest joint in the galaxy."

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