You are a Victoria's Secret model

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  Louis:You had been dating for a while now,but he doesn't know what your job is,and you don't know how to tell him.Today you had photo shoot.What you didn't know was that it was One Direction themed,and they would be there as well to watch how things go.

               You were in a photoshoot with other 4 girls trying to pretend to be theirs versions .You were actually trying to be Louis,which made you feel excited.You were dressed in a pair of brow shorts with suspenders,a pair of white converse and the usually stripped t-shirt:)/You hair was a bit waved and had a little red bow.

              As you werer going on the set,you realized that 5 figures were very familiar to you,but you brushed it off.You did crazy poses and had fun with the other girls.Victoria told you that you girls did great.

            As you went to your changing room someone tapped you ,when you turned around there was the boys.You let out a little scream before calming down.

          Louis what are you doing here?

          Should i ask the same question? is were I work...I am sorry I didn't tell you,but i had No idea how..

       It's ok,actually..I really do like how you look in stripes.

Harry:You had to go today to the airport because you had a flit to Italy for the show that was tonight.Harry was there with you,but he didn't know why you had to leave for 3 days.

        Y/N i don't get it,last night you get a call and today you leave to Italy?

       Harry this is my job,if I'm called i have to go.Plus i have tours and-


    Harry,I'm a VS model,I have to fly out of the country a lot and tours for presenting the outfits..

  You never told me about this,but i like it..he said with a big grin.

   Ohh,you..And you kissed him.

   You know that when you come back you have to made a special show for me,right?

     yeas,Harry.You smirked back at him.


Niall:Niall was going tonight to a VS fashion show with the lads,you knew he would be there and it was the perfect time to let him know.Today Rihanna was singing Diamonds on the show and you were the first one to appear.As the song started you made your way on the cat walk.You had a white lingerie(hope this is how you write it) ,nice white heels and a pair of big grey wings with sparkles hocked on your back.Your hair was curly and you had a nice make-up.

         NIall didn't see you.The first one to realize it was you was Zayn.He waved at you and told the boys it was you.As you made your way back you blew Niall a kiss and the crowd went Wilde.

After the show Niall made his way backstage to you.

         I love you!He said.

       I love you too Ni.

      You never told me this was your job.

      I was called 3 weeks ago,since then i work here and i wanted to make you a surprise.

      My baby is an angel.

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