Shades From Beyond: Restored

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      The Revaxen liquid chemical was created in the year 3025. The complex chemical was created by a genius chemical engineer by the name of Les Ingram. The Revaxen liquid chemical was going to be transported to the new working facility of Brakxon Chemicals. The primary goal of the Revaxen liquid chemical was to slow down the aging effect in people while also improving the functions of all of the organs of the human body. Brandon Brakxon had built Brakxon Chemicals to create better ways to help people from the diseases that they suffer. When he was a boy Brandon lost his father Walter Brakxon to pancreatic cancer. The death of his father at the early age of 14 had a huge impact on his life. Fortunately, Brandon had the support of his mother Brenda Brakxon who helped him through his teenage years. Brandon had the luck that his grandmother Melissa Daniels and his grandfather Keith Daniels lived nearby to him. Brandon worked very hard since he came from a middle class family and all of that hard work paid off since he built a multi-million dollar company that created chemicals that helped to treat different diseases.

     Family is a very important element for many people all around the world. For Roland Hooven his father Bryan Hooven who was a petroleum engineer at Hartsen Petroleum raised him by himself because his mother Lucille Hooven left them when he was only 6 years old. Roland was grateful that his father was always there to help him with his homework and by guiding him to make the right choices. It was a good thing that his father had someone to aid him on the task of parenthood because his aunt Judith Hooven who was a hematologist guided her older brother on how to raise his boy while also helping them out from time to time. Judith Hooven was the reason that Roland grew up to become a successful dentist. Judith helped to pay for a big part of Roland's education. The third most important person in Roland's life was the young housekeeper Mona Hess who took care of him and his father. Mona lived with them and looked after them as if they were a part of her own family. Roland always noticed that his father liked to do errands for others since in a way he liked to feel useful doing other things that were not work related. Recently, at his age Bryan was losing his sight which was the reason that he now wore glasses and needed Mona and Roland to look after him. After many years that had passed the roles of who was taking care of who were reversed. However, all of that changed when on a rainy day a truck driver from Brakxon Chemicals named Mark Benson who got lost out on the highway went to ask for directions where Bryan worked, which was in Hartsen Petroleum.

      During that day Bryan Hooven was on his lunch break when two of the workers named Stanley Morris and David Punchantz were fighting outside under the rain. Bryan went by with his umbrella as quickly as possible since he realized that Stanley had a knife and it looked like he was going to stab David. While Bryan was getting ready to separate the men Stanley stabbed one of the containers that had the Revaxen liquid chemical which got all over Bryan. Bryan felt dizzy after being covered in the liquid chemical. The rain mixed with the liquid chemical made Bryan hear a lot of things all around him from those that surrounded him yet no one was speaking. He also felt a burning sensation on his skin. The driver Mark Benson saw what happened and put on his protection suit and told everyone quickly to stay away from the liquid chemical and from the man that was exposed to it since it could be very harmful. After a few moments, Bryan passed out onto the floor under the heavy rain. After that Bryan was in a white room and right in front of him was himself the way that he actually looked at his current age. Bryan did not know what to make of what he was seeing. The other version that was right in front of him told him the following: "You are about to change in various ways and gain many new abilities after you wake up." After those words Bryan saw three shadow figures appear behind his identical doppelganger and then everything went black.

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