• Chapter Twenty-Seven •

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£Houston, TXDecember 229:18 P

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Houston, TX
December 22
9:18 P.M.

"Bro, I really don't care about nothing you're talking about." Neveah said aggravated.

Leslie was mad that Neveah actually went to the funeral.

"Ever since you started hanging out with Mir them, you think you all that. Girl, you know you ain't hard." Sevyn laughed.

"Eight, you can suck my dick from the back." Neveah joked.

"You don't talk to your big sister like that, Neveah, what is wrong with you?" Her mom smacked her.

Neveah cocked her arm back and swung on Leslie. Then proceeded to put up her set. "Ouu, girl I been waiting on this one."

When Veah hit her , her head flew back. When she looked down, she touched her nose and noticed it was bleeding.

"Girl bring yo ass on." Her dad came in her room and dragged Leslie out there by her shirt.

"You're sick as fuck. You really just hit yo own momma?" Sevyn scuffed as she walked out of Neveah's room.

Neveah then broke down crying. "I really just hit my m-momma."

She picked up a backup phone that she had and dialed the person she just wanted to be with at the time.

"C-can you come get me please?" She asked on the phone.

"I gotchu." The male on the other side of the phone said and hung up.

She backed a bag because she didn't know when she'd be coming home.

She got the 'come outside' text, grabbed everything she needed, then headed out of her room.

"Where you goin babygirl?" Her dad asked coming from the kitchen.

"With my friend, i'm staying the night. Imma talk to you later. Love you." She said kissing his cheeks and leaving out the door.

When she walked out the house, she seen Sevyn sitting on the porch.

"Who that is?" Sevyn asked as she seen a all black camaro.

"Girl, touch ya nose." Neveah said walking up to the car and getting in.

"Whatchu had me pick you up for?" The male asked, pulling out of the driveway

he smell good asl

"You ain't have to come get me. I would've called someone else fr." Neveah mumbled looking out the window.

"Whatever." He said as he drove to his house.

They pulled up to his house and they got out.

He unlocked the door to his house and Neveah stepped in, taking her shoes off at the door and putting them on the rack.

"Your house is nice Mir. I don't know why you don't have people over here." Neveah said walking behind him upstairs.

"I don't like to be bothered by people, Neveah." He said opening the door to his room.

"As I said, you didn't have to pick me up." She said sitting in his rolling chair.

"Ian say I didn't wanna be bothered by you right now." He sighed putting her stuff in his closet.

"Oh, okay." She said getting on the phone and continued texting Bryson.

Boogie 🧡

Imy, phat. where you
been at?

i miss you too, tincc.
I had to go on vacation for a while.

You wanna come with me tmr?

where we going?

for me to know & you to find out

Mir saw her smiling at her phone so he snatched it from her and read the messages.

"You know that nigga got a girl right?" He laughed and tossed the phone back to her.

"He doesn't." She said.

"You know that girl you met at the park? That's his bitch mane." Mir laughed harder.

"You lyin." Neveah said in disbelief. "Bro who all know?" She asked.

"The whole Houston. Yo sister even know mane." He said calming down.

"You wan me to spin on his block, mama?" Mir asked lifting up her chin.

"No." She said and he rolled his eyes.

"Mfs boring fr." He said as he went into his closet to change since he took a shower before he picked her up.

Neveah did too so she just got in his bed while she continued to text boogie.

Boogie 🧡

since when you had a bitch ?

since when you started talking
like that ?

oh ok


"Who told you to get in my bed?" He asked as he walked out of the closet.

"You did." She asked as he got in the bed.

"Lyin like a mf." He mumbled laying on her chest.

Neveah started thinking about Boogie and she started crying.

Mir looked up from her chest, wiped her tears, then pulled her into him.

He then kissed her forehead. "Fuck that nigga, bae."


Amirion & Neveah??

" With you heaven is a place on earth, and i will take you there, i'll take you there "

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" With you heaven is a place on earth, and i will take you there, i'll take you there "

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