*Heart Break*

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Kim's POV

As i walked into the Dojo i just wanted to be alone.From all this Jack drama it just wasn't working for me.He was the perfect one for me but he didn't take it seriously and wasn't feeling the way i was feeling for him.As i got up and walked to my locker Jack walked in and things just got real.

Jack: Kim we need to talk.

Kim: Jack i told you that there is nothing for us to talk about.You broke my heart.I don't know if i can trust you again.

Jack:Kim it was a honest mistake.I don't want her I want you.You make the best come out of me and you know that there's something between us that you cant deny.

Kim: I thought there was something but i was wrong.I'm leaving bye.

Jack runs over to Kim and grabs her arm.She turns around and he leans in for a kiss.She turned where he ended up kissing her cheek.

Kim: Jack i told you no.No i think we just need some time apart.Its for the best

Jack: Kim don't do this.

Kim: bye Jack

Jack began to tear up as he watched Kim walk out the Dojo door with her head bowed.Jack began to get angry and was on a rampage.He skipped classes,punched walls,and was just Mr.tough.But he did something that wasn't his best idea and it may have cost him his life............................

So hey guys!!!!!What did you think????was it too long?too short?

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I will also be doing another story about Austin and ally getting together.Name: Austin and Ally: The truth is finally out

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