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" Jejz sirf chedne ke liye bolti thi, sachi wale kab ban gaye aap" Sanchi spoke.

" Bahut lambi kahani hai bro, Aaja aaram se batayenge " Sidharth spoke and she nodded.

I admired them both with my moist eyes, no don't get me wrong, neither am I meena kumari, nor the bahus' of the Indian television these were those khushi ke aansu type ka kuch, I mean Sanchi and Sidharth both have their own importance in my life, choosing one isn't an option and finding them gelling with each other is something I am so happy with.

"Kahan kho gayi madam", Sanchi spoke clicking her two fingers in front of me in her typical English Accent that I smiled at her.

" Part time business hai iska khayalo main kho jaana, I don't know itna kya kamati hai be ye usse, bahar aana pasand hi nhi hain I'm telling you Dude " Sidharth smirked.

" Kutta" I muttered under my breathe.

" Should I actually tell you kal kaun kutto jaise behave kar raha tha " He spoke making Sanchi frown but I widened my eyes in horror when I understood he is talking about the marks present all over his neck and the nail marks on his back when we.... Okay let's not talk about that.

" What the Fuck yaar Sidharth " I spoke throwing a cushion at him which he dodged as usual.

"Hogaya Ya rehta hai" Sanchi asked in a bore tone and we both looked at her realising we had a spectator with us all the while.

"Sanu, what are you doing here like this", she continued looking at me from top to bottom as I was standing in a beige chiffon saree ok let's not go to the color haina, a saree was what mattered her I know, I hated saree she knew, bestie for a reason.

"Bas aise hi", I shrugged knowing it's a lot I need to tell her.

"Aaja baith thak gayi hoon main", I spoke making her sit besides me on the sofa as I was drained of energy with all the events running in my head.

"You didn't slept last night right", she said studying me intently something she does often when she finds I'm hiding a lot of things.

"Shehnaaz", before I could respond to Sanchi I heard Maa calling my name from inside.

"Aayi Maa", I shouted before turning to Sanchi and speaking, Abhi aati hoon, Tu yahi wait kar ya udhar room main chali jaana, Sidharth you see her na please, I requested before going in Maa's room.


"Ji Maa", I said entering her room only to find her with a dupatta in her hands, it looked Royal, as if a wedding chunri.

"Shehnaaz bacha dekh kaisa lag raha hai", she said making space for me to sit.

"Bahut pyaara hai Maa", I replied honestly.

"Kal subah sargi ke waqt odhogi" , she asked with a hope packing and giving it to me.

"Lekin Maa Ye aapka "....

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