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So I was watching the "Roast of Justin Bieber" and just happened to see Jack and Madison together laughing. I thought they were very cute together 😌💭. Anyone here Madison fans?
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warning: possible bad language

"Cameron told me about the breakup Carter, I'm so sorry." I said, apologizing to Carter at lunch.

"It's fine Madison, you didn't like her from day one, I should've at least asked what you guys thought about her before continuing our relationship. Usually, Matt and I would be the two to talk about girls and relationships but he's gone now and-"

"No need to continue bro," Cameron said interrupting him. "We all miss him, but he's doing fun, amazing things and he'll definitely see us over the summer or spring break or even Christmas break."

"Yeah, I miss Matt to pieces, but he's not always gonna be there for us. We get he was your first friend, but at the end of the day, all you have is us, and yourself." I said chiming in. Carter and Matt was like the dynamic duo the minute they met, but now with him gone to New York City, he feels somewhat empty, as if no one understands.

Soon, Macy came at our table, wearing her cheerleader uniform. If you ask me, I always wondered why cheerleaders wore their uniforms every day, even when they didn't have a team or game to cheer for. But Macy did smell a little, so it was pretty clear that cheerleaders don't wash their uniform. No shots fired.

"Whaddup Madison, Cameron, loser." Macy said approaching us.

"Macy, what are you doing here?" Carter said depressed.

"Look, just because we're broken up doesn't mean we can't hang out?" Macy said smiling.

"Really?" Carter said blushing.

"No, I don't have time for pathetic losers like you." Macy said, flipping her hair. I called it, I was the first to call that she was a stuck bitch.

"Hold up, you're not gonna talk to Carter like that." Cameron said getting up from the table.

"And what are you gonna do about it?" Macy said giving Cameron a deathly stare.

"Why don't you just leave now, or it won't be pretty." I said getting in Macy's face. I don't appreciate anyone talking to Cameron like that.

"Please, the only thing right now that isn't pretty is you." Macy said, giggling.

Before you knew it, there was hair on the floor. It was Macy's. Ouch. ***Let's just fast forward.

"I suggest you leave now." Nash said, coming from behind her. Handing her scissors.

Once Macy understood what was going on, she screamed and ran away. ***As Nash and Carter shook hands and gave each other a brotherly hug.

After school, Cameron came over and he helped me study for my History test. It wasn't like a study-date, but there was some kissing here and there, and I was enjoying his company, so I guess you could call it a date.

"So, is the class hard?" Cameron said, opening his bottle of water.

"It's tough, but not that tough. It can be pretty distracting." I said sighing.

"Why? Tess's lip gloss is mesmerizing?" Cameron said joking.

"Never that, it's Jack. Jack dating Tess and both of them being in the class just gets annoying and distracting." I feel that I will regret saying that.

"Oh, he's in that class too? Well, hopefully it's not that much of a problem; you told him to back off right?" Yep, I'm regretting it.

I opened my textbook, and began to read ahead to the next chapter.

"Madison?" Cameron said concerned.

Still, no answer.

"Madison, I'm talking to you!" He said, snatching the textbook from my hand.

"Ouch, I think you broke a nail." I said looking at my nails.

"Well you're breaking my patience. Why haven't you told him yet?"

"What makes you think I haven't told him yet?" I said defensive.

"Well, have you?"


"I thought so." He said, grabbing his book bag. "I'm outta here."

"Cam, wait!" Too late, he already stormed out.

Dear Journal,

Today was pretty rough. Jack Gilinsky is getting in the way of my love life with Cameron. Thank goodness Cam's the jealous type, but it's to the point where he probably wants me to change my schedule so that I never had to see him in class or even the hallways. Or maybe I'm just exaggerating.
What am I to do Journal?

My mom walked in the room, with fudge brownies. She knew how much I loved those as a kid.

"Cameron left, honey?" She said, setting the brownies down on the table.

"Yeah, he's kinda mad at me." I said throwing my pencil.

"Why is that, honey?"

"There's a guy at school; Cameron thinks that the guy has a thing for me, but I promise, there's nothing going on. He's very friendly."

"Is he cute?"

"Well, he's very handsome, and tall, and very deep, and he plays the guitar, and has the brightest smile...-"


"Mom, there's nothing going on between us. I promise you."

***"Okay, enjoy the brownies." Mom said closing the door behind her.

"Thanks Mom, for everything."

My life has really changed since Mom left, but if I could go back and fix one little detail about it, I wouldn't.

~Author's Note

Short chapter, I'm really sorry, I had no ideas! Don't hate me.

Question: Is there anything you have in common with your parents? I'm very shy, like my mother.
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