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"Autumn, who is you texting little girl?"

"Little girl? I ain't no little girl" she said

"Yes you are now who you texting?"


"Like hell you are, Gimme that damn phone" I said getting mad and jumping up taking her phone

"The hell you doing? Ion be doing that when you be texting your boyfriend, keep on imma tell daddy."

"I don't give a fuck. And you need to stop acting like a little girl and texting this boy, he is way older than you and he into things you ain't ready for. He too mature for you. Trust me on this one, Autumn. I know what's best for you"

"You just don't want to see me happy, April."

"That is not true."

"I hate you. Give me my phone"

"I know you're not mad at me over this boy you barely even know, I don't care if you mad" I said deleting they messages and blocking his number throwing her the phone


She got up and left the room, slamming the door behind.

"Bitvh" I heard her say

I know this little girl didn't and I was just looking out for her ass, I'm about to catch a case! Lawd, help me Jesus!! Don't let me choke this girl. Cause you know I will.

[August comes in room]

"What the fuvk is going on?!?!"

"She's mad because I said a few words to her little boyfriend earlier and I caught her texting him so I blocked his number"

"What boyfriend?"

"Some older boy from school"

"You doing a good thing, Keep him away from her. She to young."

"Exactly what I'm saying but she calling me a bitch and telling me she hates me."

"She what?"

[Autumn bust in room]

"The fuvk you do? Block his n- Oh hi daddy..." She said embarrassed

"Oh you cussing now?"

"Nope" she lied

"You always a bad liar, sit your ass down"

She scoffed, "Nope"

"What the fuck? What's your problem?"

"Her" she said looking at me

"You mad at her because she's being the big sister and looking out for you?"

"Yes and I don't care. why won't she just give me some space? I don't say shit about her 19 year old boyfriend"

"Now you lying, Autumn." I said to her


"He ain't 20 either, bitch." I said smacking her across the face

"Aye, y'all stop. Y'all sisters. I know you ain't letting no no good niggas come between y'all. Strap that shit up and GET YOUR SELF TOGETHER! HUG IT OUT NOW."

I could tell August was tired and angry and aggravated and that's never good when dealing with him.

She stomped her feet and came and hugged me

"I'm not leaving until I feel that hug is real. Tell her you love her and you better mean it! You better, sink up all that anger and get yourself together Autumn before I beat you with this belt and you won't be able to move in the morning. Don't play with me."

She sighed and hugged,"love you"

"Put the 'I' in it" he said

"I love you."

"Go to bed, both of you. Autumn, we gone talk about that cussing and that boy in the morning. Y'all wake me up one more time, I'm beating both of y'all with this belt and you better not wake your momma up. She got work in the morning! Take your yella asses to bed."

I got in bed and so did Autumn, he kissed my forehead pulling the covers over me and than going to Autumn talking to her but she still was mad. She didn't say none, he sighed and just kissed her forehead and left

"You need to get it together"

"Goodnight, you still a bitch" she said laughing

"Whatever, so are you."

"That's my middle name, hoe"

I laughed, "I love you too"

"Yep. Night hoe"


For real, she better not talk to him no more. Or I'm gone beat his ass myself!!!!!

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