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Tune gusse main bahut galat bol diya Sidharth, first you brought Vedant in between even when you know I trusted you with him, I didn't knew you would bring it up in a fight where your parents are an audience, agar bache hote tab Sidharth, kya bolti main Aahnik ko? Who is Vedant? Hai jawaab nhi right, and then kisiko bhi Mumma bolegi Aadia it pinched right here, she spoke pointing towards her heart all snuggled in him bared, soaking in the warmth and love he had all for her, only for her she knew.

Kisiko bhi toh nhi thi main Sidharth, you confessed you love me right, toh kisise bhi pyaar karoge, kisike saath bhi aise , she said pointing to their naked selves snuggled close to each other under the blanket.

Shehnaaz I am sorry, I'm sorry... He said holding her hand.
I really love you sweetheart, he spoke trying to make her believe that he actually does, it was not fake,

I know you do Sidharth, uspar doubt kiya kya maine nhi naa, But joh tune bola chubha voh mujhe, she spoke.

Shehnaaz, he called her again only to hear

So jaa Sidharth, 2 baj rahe hai mujhe Subah jaldi uthna bhi hai, she spoke with a deadly voice.

Kis haq se Shehnaaz, Maa ne bola na ek biwi rakhti hai ye vrat apne pati ke liye, aur main toh shayad kuch nhi lagta tera, He spoke something that was bugging him from the morning but she cut him off with a finger on his lips.

Agar tu kuch nhi lagta na Sidharth toh I don't know duniya main kaun lagta hai, Ab please kuch aisa mat bol dena ki joh humare beech hai us par se bhi bharosa uth jaaye kyunki ye joh bhi hai na zindagi hai meri, she spoke and he thought that she would get up but on the contrary she snuggled more in him.

Gussa hoon par tujhse dur nhi reh sakti main ab, she spoke and he felt his guilt increasing by each minute.

Sidharth I really don't know what I feel for you is love or not but.... She was silent once she saw his eyes that screamed how genuinely he loves her.

Aaj kisiki bhi vajah se, when I shouted on you and you left ignoring me na Shehnaaz, I thought zindagi ruk gayi hai meri, Maa ko zyada nhi bata sakta tha so I kept quiet and then suddenly you asking Aadia to call you mumma, I was happy but then the reality struck slapped me hard, what are we Shehnaaz? In the eye's of society maybe just friends, I know you don't believe in what this society thinks but for protecting you I felt that was not right Shehnaaz.

Practically soche toh, You are here till the time Mom is here, uske baad uss bachi ko kaise sambhalata, she has been sensitive Shehnaaz, meri zindagi hai voh, ek aansun bhi nhi dekh sakta uski aankhon main, aaj uski aankhon main aansun meri vajah se the, I have cursed myself a lot for doing that but phir bhi bachi hai na meri kaise dukhi karta isliye tab haan bol diya usko tujhe mumma bulane se, main samajhta hoon Shehnaaz but voh bachi kaise samjhegi he spoke and a tear left his eyes.

She hugged him tightly because he needed it to vent it out and he held my back with the strongest of his hold, she slid on top of him not minding that this position maybe intimate for many but she knew it was just soothing for him. His head rested in her neck and she caressed his hairs.

Bata Shehnaaz, kahan galat tha main, I know I shouted, and in anger I used wrong wordings too, perfect nhi hoon main and I accept it but uss bachi ki toh koi galti nhi hai na, aaj she has found you as her mother, but what if things didn't worked out, abhi bhi we are there, no promises, no Boundations and no name nothing Shehnaaz but I'm afraid Shehnaaz agar ye sab ek haseen sapna hua and we are back to square one khud toh sambhal jaunga but usko nhi dekh paunga yaar, his voice held pain.

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