Chater 13: Nice day out...

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Chapter 13: Nice day out....

Chapter 13:




I didn't tell anyone about that last text. Although it was creepy...I didn't want to worry anyone. If it gets worse, I'll tell someone. Monday came very fast, and I found it so hard to not just go up and hug, or hold Cole when I see him in the hall. He'd make side glances and send me small smiles, but nothing more. He didn't ignore me, but he didn't show favoritism either. We would politely say hello to each other, when passing in the hall, or maybe a nod. It was lunch and I was on my way to his class hoping to have a conversation more than just a 'hi'. I peered through his door, and he was sitting at his desk in a black button down shirt with dark jeans, and a blue pin-striped tie. Mmm...snap out of it, don't ogle! I cleared my throat and his head snapped up. Instantly a smile showed up on his face. I walked in and closed the door behind me noiselessly. He looked at me, with a small smirk. I tugged nervously on my bright blue shirt.



"Now, Ms. Richardson...I could reprimand you for not staying in the cafeteria." He sauntered up to me and wrapped his arms around me, before burying his head in my neck just breathing.



"What's with you and smelling me?" I giggled. I felt him shrug,



"I can't help it if you smell amazing. So it's your fault." He reasoned. I shook my head at him,



"Fine, let me just go jump in our dumpsters." I joked. He gave a deep chuckle, and I'd be lying in saying he didn't sound sexy. Damn it! Kat was getting to me! He let me go, but just stood back far enough to look at my face,



"I was thinking, we should come up with some sort of...code words to say what we really want to say...without saying it in so many words." He grinned down at me. I agreed, wondering how we'd pull that off.



"Okay so , maybe if I say to you 'nice day out' I really mean is, 'you look hot'." He smiled, I felt my face heat a little, but agreed because he'd o it anyways.


"And when I say, 'Have a good day.' I mean, 'I really want to kiss you right now." I raised an eyebrow, and he laughed, but agreed.



"When I say, 'Don't forget to turn in your homework,' it means, 'I miss you and wish I could hold you. See you later'" I smile at that one. Gosh, he's so sweet when he's not a pervert.



"When I say, 'I heard it might rain tomorrow.' It means. 'I miss you too.'" I stood on my toes and gave him a sweet kiss. I was going to pull away, but he shook his head saying,

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