“No…now wait a minute.” 

It would be too embarrassing to back down like this.

Although my opponent was the villain, my stubborn personality would not let this just go.

Besides, I don’t think saying a couple words would get me killed. 

“Do you have anything else to say?”

“Earlier you said you wouldn’t stop me from leaving the mansion, didn’t you?”

My memory was accurate. Since I was sober, I could trust my memories.

His eyes narrowed at me. When looking into those eyes, anxiety came over me but I still had to hear his answer nonetheless.

Because I wanted to get out of this place as soon as possible.


I felt everything brighten in an instant at his positive answer. I hoped my future would not be a thorny path.

It was at that moment the happiness circuit in my brain turned on.

He stroked my cheek with his hand, grabbed a handful of my hair, kissed it, and warned me in a low voice.

“But you’ll have to be prepared. I have no intention of letting you go.”


“Once something is in my grasp, I’m very keen to hold onto it.”

He tucked my hair behind my ear. His face wore a friendly smile but the words he uttered were the exact opposite of his warm expression.

Ah, even if I was right I was still wrong.

It was foolish for me to have hope. I’m not usually a person who sheds a lot of tears, but why do I feel like crying again?

I’m not the female lead, and I wasn’t exactly the villainess either.

I was just an unfortunate soul who deeply fell in love with the villain who chased him around.

Yulia wasn’t a supporting character but it was hard to define it as an extra either…

Oh, my God, did I just call myself an extra.

“Oh! And don’t drink in front of anyone else other than me.”


What did he mean? 

The eyes staring at me intently were burdensome. I couldn’t understand why he was hesitating and sulking here instead of leaving to where he had to go.

I was thinking of going home as soon as he left.


In the midst of this, the voice calling for me was so sweet that my body almost trembled. 

I felt like he whispered my name in a sweet voice this morning too.

No, let’s get rid of all these nonsensical thoughts!

“I’m warning you to wait here.”

He first calmly threatened me.

“I’ll reward you if you stay here quietly until I return.”

Then he used a conciliatory approach.

You think I won’t run away even if you use a kind and gentle proposition? I won’t be fooled even if you persuade me with ten thousand words!

I had to get out of this gloomy residence as soon as possible and return to my safe haven.

No matter how the villain feels, he won’t be able to kill the imperial family currently. I would still be able to buy some time. 

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