You don't?

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Chapter 2 :

Bodies danced against me from every angle. Sweaty hands grabbed at every part of me, desperate to hold on. I swayed my hips side to side in rhythm with the stranger grinding on my backside.

I felt a pair of eyes watching me from across the club. He sat alone at the bar, shot glasses strewn about the counter top. He was wasted beyond recognition.

Grinding harder, faster, it was hard for him to take his eyes off of me. He often looked elsewhere trying to find a distraction but there was nobody more distracting than me. His gaze lingered on me, raking up my body from my heels to my eyes. This was a vicious cycle, repeating itself over and over. I had to step up my game.

I made sure I had his full attention before grabbing the hand of the man behind me and easing it down my body to the hem of my dress. He had a strong hold on me as I gave it all i had. I closed my eyes, moving along to the heavy bass of the house mix blasting around the dance floor. My eyes opened again to see Harry wasn't at the bar anymore.

Slithering out of my partner's grip, I nonchalantly glanced around searching for Harry. I caught sight of him in a booth in the VIP section. His head lay in his arms, a heap on the table in front of him. I practically skipped towards him, easily brushing past the security to the high class section of the club. I slid into the booth alongside him.

It didn't take long for him to realize there was someone occupying the space beside him. His head of curls slowly lifted off of the table, turning in my direction. There was a hint of something behind his eyes. Hope? Disappointment?

"Oh," he spoke first. "I thought you were someone else."

I tinted my voice with seduction when I replied, "Someone else? With me, you don't need anybody else." On my last three words I trailed my hand up his arm, lightly tracing his bicep before resting on his shoulder. He carefully eyed my movements but didn't shrug my hand off. At this point, I could have him finished with by the early morning.

"I-I thought you.. I thought.. Never mind." He sighed, defeated. His bright green eyes lost their light, dimming faster every second.

"Do you want to.. Talk about it..?" My voice trailed off, keeping its seductive tone. His head lifted once more, meeting my eyes with his.

There was hesitation in his features. His face expressed the need to escape yet his body involuntarily leaned into my touch, providing him with some comfort. He nodded slightly, only enough for me to notice.

"But, not here." Harry spoke with certainty.

I trailed my fingers farther, toying with the collar of his white tee-shirt. "Where do you want to go handsome?" I answered, letting my hands journey where they wanted. My hand ventured down to the belt of his jeans before being snatched away by one of his own.

"Not. Here." The tone of his voice frightened me slightly, and that's when I knew. Harry wasn't going to be as easy as I had anticipated, he wouldn't go down without a fight. The fear on my face vanished just as fast as it had come. I replaced it with my signature smirk and leaned into him.

I blew hot breath onto his neck, rising goosebumps on my journey to his ear. A quiet whisper, a demand. "Lets get out of here." The words settled into Harry's mind, processing, contemplating before his hand slipped into mine. Shock registered on my face, surprised by his actions. His fingers locked around mine, the grip fierce.

He all but dragged me out of the club. I shivered against the cold London air, light snowflakes fell from the sky. His pace was incredible as we walked down the pathway, away from the club. We turned onto a street I couldn't recognize and slight panic rose in me. "W-where is your c-car?" The words barely made it out due to my frozen state.