part 6

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" okay " i said finally after making him wait about a minute for an answer .
~later that night ~
i put on some light wash skinny jeans with a gray jacket that had a picture of tupac on it , with a pair of checkered vans . i opened my bedroom door to find him waiting in the living room waiting . he wore a black shirt that had a picture from the movie sandlot . it read " your killin me smalls " . he had beige pants with a pair of black P.F flyers.
" you look nice " i said
" so do you " he said looking at me .
" thanks , are we taking my car or yours ?" i said
" my car needs some work done , you want to take yours ? " he said
" yea sure " i said smiling .
i drove my black (charger / camaro)
" so , where are we going " i said talking over my loud rap music
"keep going straight then take your third left " ge said competing with the music .
~ a few minutes later ~
" right here " he said .
i looked out my window and saw we were at the beach . it was a warm night , at 8:00 pm.
" i didnt really dress for this haha" i said
" dont worry about it follow me " he said jumping out of the car.
i ran after him trying to keep up . we came to a small cliff right by the pier looking over the water and surrounded by sand . the full moon popped out .
" wow " i said staring at the moon .
" please , sit " he said smiling
i sat down next to him .
" so tell me about yourself . " i said still staring off at the moon .
" well , name is daniel salazar grew uo in norwalk california . my uncles always wanted me to join there gang but i just wanted to hang out with my dad , he taught me cool stuff like fixing cars And stuff . when he died i went off the deep end , at 14 i was sellin pills that my grandpa took and spent the money on weed and stuff . when otger gangsters heard a teenager was makin ballin money over selling pills , they wanted in so they threatend my uncle that if i didnt give all my money to them , then well be marked for death . my uncles ofcourse didnt tell me about this and ignored the threats . but one day , i got a phone call telling me that my uncle rico was dead , shot in a drive bye . thats when i started rapping and quit selling pills . i moved out of there and tried focusing on my music . my first song was about my dad and my uncles , you may have heard it " role models" by boi danny
?" he asked
i shook my head no , taking in all his information .
" youll see , one day ill make it big and youll hear my songs on the radio all the time . " he said smiling looking up at the moon.
" i think so " i said looking at the ocean .
" hm?" he said coming out of a daze .
" i said i think so too , i think you have the right modivation and the talent for it ." i said looking at him .
" you really think so ? " he said staring at me .
" yes , ofcourse " i said smiling at him .
he got closer to my face . i sae him closing his eyes . i closed my eyes . i felt his soft lips press against mine . he put his arm around my neck , pushing me closer to the ground . we made out for like 2 minutes before i opened my eyes and pushed him off slowly .
he looked away . i did too .
" i - im so- " he stammered
" no , no , its okay " i looked at him . i enjoyed that kiss very much . i felt do alive and filled with happiness . " do you want to go ? " i said
" sure" he said quickly getting up .
we drove home in silence . did he think he made the worst mistake by kissing me ? did he have a girlfriend ? was i just a rebound kiss? . we pulled up to the apartment . i was rushing to get out . i practically ran to my room and hardly slept .

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