55: middle of a Storm

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Recap: Aayat and Mahir were happily returning back to home after meeting Humaira and Hamza. It was then that Aayat received a call by Sila, her assistant who informed her that there was a health emergency with their client, Ahmed Uncle and called her to the hospital.


As soon as Mahir parked the car, Aayat stepped out, utmost worry evident on her face and Mahir soon followed her. While entering inside hospital, he asked Aayat,
"Aayat please tell me what happened?"

They reached to the lift and were waiting for it, while she looked at him and thought, how can she make him explain who she was here for and what if he asks about the case? So she kept it short and said,

"Actually Mahir, We are here to.. um its about my client, Mr. Ahmed Khan. He had a heart attack is what Sila said on the phone.
But.. I should have known, He looked really weak and was sweating so much earlier in the day. I just.."

They were now in the lift and seeing Aayat worrying Mahir held her hand as said,
"Hey hey, don't think too much. He will be fine Insha Allah. Let's get there and I will talk with his doctor. I know the doctors here."

Aayat took a deep breath and nodded and than he smiled and added,

"And if we need any assistance, I can call Shaheed sir also. He has been really guiding me in most critical of the cases."

That was it for Aayat's worry to again resurface, as she once again thought, how will he react when he comes to know about the case.

They reached the floor and were walking towards the OT where they spotted Sila. They neared her and than she saw them and got up , saying,

"Thank God you are here. They are doing thr surgery. I was called because I was the last number in his dial list."

Aayat nodded while Mahir asked,
"Well who is the doctor operating him?"

Sila looked at him and quickly said,
"Mr. Kiran Sen".

Mahir nodded and told the ladies to sit down as they patiently waited for the OT light to turn off.


It was after the waiting of 5 hours that a doctor came out of the OT, while the red light went off. The Dr, took his mask off and upon seeing Mahir stepping towards him quickly nodded with courteous smile.

"Hello Dr. Sen." Said Mahir.

"Hello, Dr. Razaq. May I know how are you related to the patient?"

Mahir nodded and said,
"Yes actually, the patient is my wife's client. She is handling his case.
Can I know how is the condition of his?"

Doctor again nodded while he saw Aayat, standing besides Mahir and than said,
"He is thankfully stable for now. But he still has to be kept under observation. He will be shifted in the room after 3-4 hours. "

All the three nodded and thanked Dr. Sen who then went away while Aayat took a sigh of relief. But still, the constant worry of everything that had unfolded in the past hours.

She just set there for a while with Sila while Mahir went to further talk with Dr. Sen. Sila looked at Aayat and said out of no where,

"Aayat, what are we going to do now."

Aayat looked at her and than said,
"Sila, don't lose hope yet. First let's pray that Ahmed uncle get healthy soon."

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