• Chapter Twenty-Five •

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£Houston , TXDecember 202:15 P

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Houston , TX
December 20
2:15 P.M.

"Okay, not Leslie you're doing entirely too much." Neveah's dad said making her agree.

"How? I'm not allowing her to go to somebody's funeral that we don't even know. He could be a rapist. He could deserve to die." Leslie said making Neveah scrunch her face up.

Pooter's funeral was today and Neveah had asked her parents could she go. Her dad didn't have a problem with it but Leslie made a big ass scene for no reason.

"Nah, now you're overdoing it. He ain't deserve nun of the shit that happened to him. And i'm going, idc about nunna that shit you talking about Leslie." Neveah said and went to walk out the door.

"Walk out that door and imma call the police on you for setting my damn house on fire Neveah." Leslie threatened making her laugh.

Leslie knows that Neveah did it because someone told her.. It was a bystander.

"Girl call em. Imma see you later dad." Neveah kissed her father's cheek and headed out the door.

She seen Nelly's car and got in.

"Hey Nelson." Neveah mumbled as she got in the car making Nelly scrunch his face up.

"What I did to you?" He asked as he pulled off.

"Who was that girl under your instagram post talking about some 'bEsTfRaNn' ?" Veah asked putting her hand to his temple.

"You been hangin around Lea too much and ion know who that guh is." He said making a right turn.

"Let me see yo phone then, Jacobee." She mugged the side of his face, calling him by his middle name.

"Um, I think not." He said. "If you look in there, you gon be scarred for life. Yo poor innocent eyes can't see allat." He added.

"If you got another best friend, you can just say that." She said.

"Have you took your pills today?" He tutted his lips to the side.

"Just answer the question, okay? Please don't play with me right now." Veah said copying off of Nicki Minaj.

"I'm not cheating on you with another best friend, VeahPooh." He told her before stopping at a red light.

"Tell ha you gotta bsf & you'll shoot ha if she don't stop callin you that." Neveah said mugging him.

"You been hangin around them ghetto mfka's too much.. Youn even talk like this." Nelly frowned pulling out his phone.

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