1. Meeting them

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Hi Guys~ This is my first EXO fanfic.

I hope you will read this, hehe.

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Suzy's POV

"Suzy, are you ready to go?" my mom asked me.

"Yes mom. I'm ready to go." I answered as I took my packed bags and went towards my mom.

"Good." my mom said as she smiled at me

"So, mom. Where are we going to move?" I asked my mom.

"To my best friend's house.. Don't worry, she's very nice and we are only living there temporarily. I'll just need to find a new job and save money for the two of us." she said with a smile. My mom still looks weak and restless coz she had just recovered from a flu.

"Oh. Okay.. But Mom, I can also find a job and help you too. I'll find a part time job. " I said as I held my mom's shoulder

"Suzy, I'm okay. You don't need to find a job. Just focus on your studies for now.." She said as she smiled at me

"But mom.." I answered.

"No. It's fine, Suzy. I'm your mom and I will the one who will find a job. So, don't worry,I'm fine.. Just focus on your studies, okay?" She said

I just nodded in a agreement.

"So, let's go.." my mom said

My mom and I are now moving because my mom can't afford the bills in the apartment that we were living. Then, we got out from the apartment and rode a taxi. I didn't noticed that I had fallen asleep from waiting. Suddenly, I heard my mom's voice telling me to wake up. I slowly open my eyes and I saw my mom's face.

"Suzy, we're here. Let's go." my mom said as she opened the door of the car and I also opened the other door from my side. We took our bags from the back of the car and carried it.

My eyes widened when I saw an enormous house infront of me. It's so huge. Shyness came into me. I thought that my mom's friend's house is average and not this kind of an enormous house.

"Mom, is this the house that you're talking about?" I looked at my and asked her

"Yup. This is it.."She said as she smiled at me

"Mom. Are you sure that we're living here to this big house?" I asked in confusion.

"Yes. Don't worry, Suzy. We're just living here temporarily and I personally know the father and mother of this house. They are kind and I know they will really treat you well." My mom answered.

"But mom.."

"Suzy, it will be okay. They will like you coz they will treat you like a daughter. My best friend wants a girl like you in this house coz sadly, they never had a daughter.. Her kids are all boys and I'm pretty sure you will be friends with them because they are as the same age and goes to same School as you." my mom answered.

Same age? Same School? Boys? What about girls at my age? Am I the only girl? I think that it will be hard for me. I think I will be not liking this.

My mom started to doorbell and few minutes later, the gate were open and I saw a very beautiful and cheerful woman appeared right infront of us.

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