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"Im so sorry Mrs. Dodds, I slept through my alarm and had to run the whole way here," I try to explain, panting as I sat at my desk. To my surprise I was only about 5 minutes late.

Mrs. Dodds scowled down her birdlike nose at me, "Just get out your homework Solace."

"Psst," Percy hushed from next to me, "What happened to your face?"

"What-" I asked bringing my hand to nose and lips, realising I was bleeding. "God dammit, it must be another soulmate injury."

Percy grimaced as grabbed a tissue from Mrs. Dodds desk and handed it to me so I could wipe my face. I realised my lip wasn't gonna just stop bleeding since I could taste blood and feel it drizzling down my chin, so I excused myself to the nurse. I decided to take the time to walk there to ponder what might have happened to my soulmate, where ever he is.

Ever since I was about thirteen I've been getting all sorts of cuts, bruises, and sometimes even burns from my soulmate. I've deduced that a lot of it is clearly from someone else, but the ones littering my arms and thighs are definitely self inflicted. At first I thought he was maybe doing some sort of martial art like boxing or MMA or one of those really aggressive gory ones but once the cuts starting showing up in my arms I realised that was highly unlikely.

Someone out there was hurting him, and that was causing him to hurt himself and I was determined to find him and help him. I didn't care if he lived all the way in Africa, I was gonna find him. And yes, I know that my soulmate is a him. I've never had any kind of romantic attraction to girls in the past but I have for guys, so if I find my soulmate and it's a girl i'm going to be really confused.

"Oh no dear, what happened now?" The nurse tuts turning to me as I walked into her office.

"Another soulmate injury ma'am," I reply reluctantly. The amount of times I've had to come in here with soulmate injury's, well let's just say I lost count.

"That's so strange, I just had that new kid in here with pretty much the same thing and same reason," she said as she soaked a cotton ball in hydrogen peroxide.

I hissed in pain as the liquid stung the cut. "Really?" I asked excitingly. I knew I was just getting my hopes up but I couldn't help it. I mean what are the chances that we have a new guy transfer in the beginning of the year and he comes to the nurse just minutes before me with the same injury? Low.

"Yeah but I think it was in a slightly different place, so I wouldn't get your hopes up kid," she smiled knowing, kindly patting my arm. She put a small butterfly bandaid on it just to keep it clean for the rest of the day.

I walked back to class and sat back down with a sigh.
"Homework's on the board," Percy tells me as he goes back to drawing pictures of fish in his notebook.

I walked up to our usual lunch table and there was someone new at our table. I thought it might be the new kid since I didn't recognise them, but I was also looking at them from behind so I wasn't sure.

"Hey guys!" I say moving to sit down across from him. He had shaggy black hair that was perfectly out of place, dark eyes with so much depth I honestly could get lost in them, a scar on his eyebrow that looked remarkably similar to mine and a cut across his top lip. My jaw dropped. HE HAD A CUT ACROSS HIS LIP JUST LIKE I DID AND THAT SCAR I HAD TOO.

"Holy shit!" I exclaim dropping my lunch on the table.

"What?" he asked looking at me like I was an alien. "Why are you staring at me like that?"

I pointed at my lip then to his over and over because I was at a loss for words. A look of realization dawned on everyone's face, including his.

"Merda merda merda," he mumbled jumping up from the table and hurrying towards the exit.

"Wait!" I call after him following him out into the hallway. I grab his arm and he flinches away from my touch like he was scared of me. "Why are you running away?"

Without saying anything he turns on his heels and starts to run off again, but I grab his arm again. Once again he flinches and jumps away from me. I realise if he is being abused like I've thought, me grabbing him was probably triggering his fight or flight due to that.

"Sorry I didn't mean to freak you out, I'll stop grabbing you if you stop running away," I apologise smiling at him.

"Just leave me alone," he snaps trying to run off again. I run in front of him to stop him this time so I can avoid touching him and freaking him out.

"But I think your my soulmate!" I explain though I thought that was clear.

He scoffs, "Yeah you got the wrong guy, sorry to disappoint."

"But look we have the same scar, and the cut on our lip, and I can see the makeup fading on your eye I have the same black eye I can take off the makeup and prove it!" I ramble. "It's really easy my moms
not very good at covering the bruises."

He took an unsteady breath, "That's probably just a coincidence, I don't have a soulmate."

I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion, "Everyone has a soulmate."

"Yeah whatever, what Im saying is that your wrong so leave me alone."

He try's to shoulder past me but I put my arm out to stop him. "No look I can prove it!" I roll up my sleeve revealing it littered with cuts, lots of them fresh from the past two days. He took a sharp intake of breath and I watch him as he tries to recompose himself.

"Sorry bout that dude, but Im not the one so fuck off," he snarls. Honestly if I wasn't so sure of myself he would have terrified me, especially considering Ive heard his reputation and don't doubt that he couldn't beat my ass.

"Oh really then show me your arm," I demand, really determined to get him to believe me.

He scoffs again, "I'm not showing you my fucking arm, now get the fuck away."

Before I could stop myself I grabbed his arm and pulled up the sleeve of his hoodie revealing it littered with the same cuts and scars as mine. No matter how many times I've seen it on myself, nothing could have prepared me for seeing it on him. I could feel tears pooling in my eyes.

He pulled his arm away from me as fast as he could.

"Che cazzo c'è che non va in te!" he exclaims in what I assume to be another language, though I don't know which one. He pushes past me at full force almost knocking me over considering I was still in shock from seeing his cut littered arm.

This time I let him go, not wanting to push my luck and keep pissing him off and end up getting punched. Though I had no idea what I was going to do with my new found information, I was still buzzing with excitement and happiness.

"I found you," I smile to myself.

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