I am not an ANIMAL!

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I am not an ANIMAL!

Chapter 1

The coldness of the metal cage ,the dampness of this basement I am use too, it's been about 2 months since I was kidnapped thrown into this cage and treated like an animal.

"Ally, wake up" a voice made me jump from my day dream

"What the hell do you want?"

"Oh come on, I bought you some food"

"Great, but can I have something other than fricking dog chow?" I may have exaggerated a little, I don't eat dog food, and I might as well it all the food here tastes like crap.

I could see this made him mad; he threw the metal tray against the cage I grimaced as it clambered on the floor, everything seemed so loud in this quiet place.

"You don't get to talk to me like that" he pressed his face against the cage as glared back at him

"You can't do a fricking thing about it so shut the hell up!" I whipped my hand across his face

My nails have been growing for two months and I never bit them, so I got the satisfaction of seeing him fall back holding his cheek as blood started coming from his scratch.

"You'll be sorry for that you filthy creature" he got up and ran up stairs, where ever the hell the lead too.

I took a deep breath as I sunk against the wall of the cage, well I am filthy can't argue with that it happens when you haven't had a decent shower in 2 months.

I roll onto my stomach as I look into the only clean metal shiny enough to reflect my face.

I look in disgust at my once stunning blond hair, which now is caked with dirt and mud

My green-blue eyes still have a little shine to them

I rub my hands over my face to try and get some of the dirt off

     I look around my little cage, there's nothing here to try and escape with trust me I checked and checked. Plus this fricking 30 pound chain on my ankle makes it impossible to try anything without making a whole bunch of noise.

I close my eyes and try to image what outside looked like, felt like. It was very sad that I forgot, but it helps me from going insane like some people.

"Allison!" I jump again as the same voice rings in my ears.


"We are going to do tests on you, and I don't want you to answer that because you don't have a choice" a little girl giggles in the background.

I spin around and see that the only person that ever comes down here to see me is not alone.

I count 4 people including creepy guy, what do they mean tests? And what the hell is a little girl doing down here?

"We have been waiting for this day since the day we spotted you" the woman who was in the back begins to talk.

I jump up and walk the short distance to the end of the cage where there all standing.

"Shut up; get the hell away from me all of you" I grab the cage and shake it, making them automatically take a comfortable step back

She ignores me and continues on.

"We knew you were the one to do this vital mission, once of course after we alter your DNA, add a few key components-"

"What the Hell!" I yelp as I am caught off guard with that information

"Yes Allison, you're going to be the first human hybrid, unstoppable"

"No! I want to go home, I fricking hate this place"

"As you should be this isn't suppose to be a 5 star hotel, it's simply a holding place for right now" she makes a gesture to creepy guy and he begins to make his way to my door, which is heavily locked.

"What are you going to do to me" I stare into her bottomless eyes

"Make you better then you could possibly dream of, you will thank my later"

The creep guy runs toward me as all the chains from the door including the one on my ankle fall free.

I ran toward him to and try to tackle him down; we're struggling as a piercing pain expands on my shoulder blade.

I suck in a breath as I claw at my back, a tranquilizer dart with all its contents released in me already

I dizzily turn around and see a guy around 17, my age holding the gun still pointed at me.

My vision starts going blurry as I continue to stare at the guy, he words with his lips "I'm sorry"

"Sweet dreams you brat" the creepy guy grabs my shoulder and lowers me on the dirty ground.

I look again at the guy and his eyes are staring back at me, I whisper why.

The darkness engulfs me as it goes quieter around me.

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