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You examine Snow White's outfit as your maid presents him with tea.

His outfit is quite the same from the movie, yet instead, he is wearing dark yellow pants.

And surprisingly he looks fancy in the outfit, very handsome if you dare admit.

"So, your fiance, Prince Philip-" you cut him off quickly.

"Prince Philip? My fiance? He is a friend of mine, not my fiance" you correct.

Snow is surprised but a smile appears on his face, realizing that his friend has lied to him about you being his fiance.

'That sneaky bastard'

You, on the other hand, are frustrated at how Philip claimed that you are his fiance.

"Then I must apologize for misunderstanding your marital status, my lady" you shook your head.

"It is all right, it is an honor to have you and your...little friends here"

You say, looking at the deer sleeping on your floor surrounded by a few birds and a squirrel.

Hmm, you love animals though, maybe you can ask the prince to keep some with you.

"In fact, I have come to warn you about my stepfather" he starts, looking down at his hands which are holding the cup of warm tea

"Your stepfather?"

"I'm sure that you have heard the rumors about him bathing in the blood of women" you gulp, his dark eyes meeting yours.

"I do not wish for him to do the same for a fair lady such as yourself"

Wow, so Philip brought you to your death.

"Thank you for your concern," you say.

Snow White grabs both of your hands in his own.

"Do not be worried, I will come to check on you every day to make sure that you are safe and sound, my lady"


"What do you mean that she has left!"

The mystical creatures crawl back in fear at their angry faerie king.

"W-when we came to check on her, we didn't find her anywhere-"

The servant doesn't get the chance to continue his sentence as Maleficent slices off his head.

The servants take that as a sign to leave, and they rush out.

Maleficent, on the other hand, falls on his knees, his wings dropping with him on the ground.

He clutches his fists as tears fall down his face.

Prince Charming and Ellard has retreated from the battle when many of the soldiers were killed.

He also lost some of his soldiers, which was unexpected.

And the fact that you escaped while he was fighting for you, so you can stay with him, made him feel one thing.

The faerie king feels betrayed.

'You are going to pay dearly for leaving me, my dove'


"Why can't I see her? Have you not told me to go and find myself a mate, father?"

Triton glares at his youngest son in anger and disbelief.

"Yes, a mermaid, not a silly human girl"

The red-haired merman crosses his arms over his chest.

"I'm the one who gets to choose my own mate, not you, father"

This was the last straw to make Triton blow up in his son's face.

"Listen here, and listen carefully, Ariel, you two are no match for each other"

Triton swims to his son, stopping right in front of him.

"She can't breathe underwater, and you can't walk on land, your relationship is impossible"

Ariel pretends to agree with his father, not wishing to argue with him further.

"You are correct father, I will just find me another mate"

The sea king smiles at him, happy that Ariel sees his point of view.

"That's my boy, just like your lovely mother"

After the conversation end, Ariel leaves, but with a plan in his mind.

If you can't breathe underwater, and he can't walk on land.

He will just have to get someone to make that happen.

And who is better than the great warlock of the sea.


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