Japan- Imagine The Pain

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People are running,

yelling and screaming.

While I stand here,

not sure what I'm feeling.

This cant be real,

but I know its true,

as I watch the people,

go from loads to few.

I want to cry,

what is happening?

A few tears invade my cheeks,

as I see my house tumbling.

My hearts stops beating,

as I pull myself to reality.

What am I doing standing here

when my family is facing brutality.

I run to the remains of my house,

a pile of broken bricks.

Stumbling backwards,

like I received a thousand kicks

Under some shattered glass,

laid a tiny clenched fist.

Slowly unclenching,

as blood flowed from the wrist.

The bracelet hung loose,

getting drowned in the blood.

But I could see the name engraved on it,

as my heart produced a resounding thud.

I fall on my knees,

and pull at my hair.

How can life,

be so harsh and unfair?

Laying there is my baby sister,

only six weeks old.

Trying to grasp onto a life,

that she can barely hold.

I try to help her,

shielding her from the cold.

But what can I do to reverse something

which has already been foretold.

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