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"Amber, come on, I am going to be late." Natalie called out from down the stairs. "Mark, come on." She said next, before reentering the kitchen. She poured some more coffee in her cup, too lazy to make breakfast. Mark had stayed over the previous night as the three of them had movie night, Amber's idea as a sorry for the way she spoke to Mark. Amber had truly warmed up to Mark, they were getting closer and Mark was really great with her, always trying to help her with anything she wanted. But he was careful, not wanting her to feel that he was taking her father's place. It was a little complicated, and there were times Amber would forget that it wasn't always like that. Because she needed the family time she had lost because of everything that had happened the previous year.

Natalie was warming up to Mark being around more often. She didn't want to admit it though, not even to herself. Too proud to just change her mind after Mark had bought a house. She could probably never live in the same house as Mark, just because she wouldn't be able to admit that she changed her mind. Natalie hated changing her mind. 

Her thoughts got interrupted when her cell phone went off. "Hello?"

"Good morning. Is this Dr. Turner?" On the line was a man, but Natalie's couldn't recognise his voice.

"Who is it?" She asked, not sure what to expect because Isaac had been calling her a lot lately and she had stopped answering the phone.

"I am Steve Herrmann, chief of UPMC Heart and Vascular Institute." The man introduced himself. "I would like to offer a job to you. I want you to be in charge of the clinical trial of cardiothoracic surgery. You will be mostly focusing on antirejection techniques for heart and lung transplantation; ventricular assist device therapy, including pediatric VADs, to help the heart heal itself; and minimally invasive cardiac and cardiothoracic surgical techniques to reduce length of hospital stay." Natalie stayed silent not expecting a call like that so early in the morning. Not expecting a call like that at all. Because in her mind she had reached the point in her career that she was satisfied with. But when there are so much more, it's not easy to say no.

"Dr. Turner, I understand that you are the head of your department in Seattle Grace Hospital, but if you're interested in something new, we would love to work with you." The man said everything he had to say and for the first time Natalie was at loss of words.

 "Thank you so much for this opportunity Dr. Herrmann, but I need to think about it." She kept her voice steady, even though she could feel herself freaking about what that meant for her and the people around her. If she wasn't a mother, there was no way she wouldn't say yes. It was an Institute that focused on the organ she had been working on for the last years. 

"Take as much time as you need" the man reassured her. "But if we need to find someone better than you, you got to let us know soon, because it's going to be hard."

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