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I turn my light over to that thing in the corner to see what is about to go down... What I see is indescribable, I see a golden Bonnie suit that is very withered up and old with holes in its head and body. "H-h-help m-m-me..."His voice trailed off as he started to get up and raise a suit up in one hand and reached for me with the other. That's when I ran for the door to be greeted by Foxy's hook just inches from my throat. I tumbled over and stared into his eyes and waited for death to come to me.
Wait. What am I doing? Death isn't the only option in this situation, there is always a way out of something. I dive under foxy and scatter up just quickly enough to dodge and oncoming swing of his hook. Soon the golden Bonnie thing comes barging through and kicks me to the wall. I think this is the phone guy considering all of the morbid features in the holes on the suit. It looks like he was burnt to death from the hot wires and stuff. But the pain of the blow to the wall hurt badly, and soon before I could react there was a really tight grasp on my leg as I hear the cracking of it to. My vision soon blacks out...
Suddenly I was up not able to breathe soon I feel wires coming loose. No, I-I-I can't have died this way, no. Soon I feel the horrible sensation of burning and my eyes are slowly getting pulled towards the Suits eye openings. This is where I say goodbye.

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